Waves Vintage-series, L3-16/L3LL, MaxxVolume available separately

Waves_sep_plugs_4.07You don’t have to buy the complete Mercury Bundle anymore to get your hands on Waves Vintage-series, L3-16/L3LL or MaxxVolume.

Now separately available, Waves V-series includes three vintage plugs: V-Comp, modeled after 2254, V-EQ3 based on 1073/1066 and V-EQ4 which emulates the 1081 console module. L3-16/L3LL offers the latest technology for loudness maximising and MaxxVolume is a one-stop-shop for fast and easy level management.

Check ’em out to see why Greg Ladanyi and Bob Ludwig count them as their favorites.

Waves Plug-ins