Virtual Katy Announces VK2 Sound Post Assistant

VK_bigThe new version is a radical leap forward in processing speed, tracing, and comparison engine techniques. With VK2, you will be able to trace the history of a shot, sequence, or any one element through the entire history of their project. You can also easily view the impact of picture edits within their Pro Tools session and adjust the parameters accordingly. In addition to the groundbreaking features, VK2 offers massive performance gains:Up to 2500 picture edits in less than a second.

VK2 highlights:

– Format Support
Extensive range of formats – EDLs, Avid Cut Lists, Avid Change Notes and OMF/AAF files

– Preview Mode – Conform Control
VK2 Preview Mode provides Pro Tools users a visual overview of picture edit
changes without committing to the change. This new VK2 feature enables the audio
post editor to see what is going to change as well as provide the ability to modify the
change, giving greater control over the conform rather than accepting a blind cut.

– Version History
The new VK2 Version History feature enables Pro Tools users to view the entire history of a shot.

– Drag and Drop Import
Simply drag and drop groups of lists – VK2 will automatically import the data.

– VK2 List Cleaner
List parsing of unwanted elements. For example, VK2 List Cleaner will split out video and audio elements.

– Extraordinary Increase In Processing Speed
VK2 can do 2500 edits over 10 reels within a second.

VK2 will ship April 2006. All registered VK users will receive the VK2 upgrade for free. If you buy VK1 before 1.3.06, you’ll get it for only Fr. 1’245.- instead of Fr. 1’395.- including free upgrade to VK2. If you want multiple copies of VK, email us for site license pricing.