VENUE 3 Software Now Available

Venue_v3_04.12The VENUE 3 software upgrade is now available for all VENUE live systems, including several new features and improvements.

What’s new for all VENUE users:
– 32 FireWire Pro Tools channels (up from 18)
– 80 input channels in Mix Rack (up from 64)
– Aux bus names are displayed on the Inputs page
– HPF settings included in all EQ presets, and when copying/pasting EQ settings
– Configure console layout by simply dragging and dropping channel strips
– Fast access to the Inputs page by double-pressing the Select button
– Quickly cancel Multi-Select mode by pressing the Multi-Select button
– Program the Console User button in the Events List to perform common tasks such as tap tempo or recalling a snapshot

What’s new for VENUE SC48 users:
– 24 busses available (up from 16)
– 40 plug-in slots (up from 20)
– 64 input channels (up from 48)
– Support for the new Stage 48 remote I/O box and Ethernet Snake Card

To order the upgrade, please send us a mail with the serial number of your VENUE console.