Upgrade your old DAW system to Pro Tools HD and save up to Fr. 7’000.-

Crossgrade_4.06BIf you have an old Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in the attic, now is the time to convert it to cash.

If you give us one of these:
– Alesis ADAT HD-24
– AKAI DD8, DD1000, DD1500
– Augan OMX, OMX 24, DAR OMR8
– FED Audio Solution
– Mackie MDR24/96
– Tascam MX2424, MMR-8, MMR-16

We’ll give you this for up to Fr. 7’000.- cheaper:
– Pro Tools|HD3, HD2 or HD1 Accel
– MachineControl
– DigiTranslator 2.0
– Pro Tools HD 7 software
– HDpack 3, v. 6.0
– Pro Tools Ignition Pack

This offer expires 22.5.06 so act fast and contact us for an offer.