Upgrade to D-Control and get more money for your Pro Control

ICON_D-Contr_Exch_150_4.06As the Swiss ICON D-Control partner, we’re happy to introduce new lower pricing for Pro Control to D-Control upgrades.

You can now trade in larger Pro Control systems and get better price even for the smaller configurations like Pro Control Main Unit alone. Also added are new exchange options including the D-Control Surround Panner with touch screen and joysticks.

If you own Pro Control, you should get to know D-Control. For that, we’d like to invite you to a free demo in our showroom. We have a full a blown 32-fader D-Control system with surround panners, Avid video, different I/Os, virtually all plug-ins, 5.1 monitoring etc. for you to test. You can check it out with your own stuff or with Pro Tools sessions from chart-topping artists. After testing it, you will know why Digidesign has installed more than 500 D-Controls worldwide – in less than two years.

Give us a call or drop us a mail to find out how to get the most money out of your old workhorse when upgrading to the next level. We’ll pay you up to Fr. 25’000.- for an extended Pro Control system in exchange to D-Control.

This offer is valid only until 16.6.06. Click below to book a demo.