Trinnov D-Mon 4 Now Available

Trinnov_D-Mon4_available_9.15We’re very happy to announce that the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of professional monitoring, Trinnov D-Mon, is now shipping. We already got few units from the first production run which were promptly shipped to TPC which installs them in SRF’s radio production studios in Zürich and Basel.

D-Mon series is an extremely versatile monitoring solution offering not only the usual connections and capabilities for stereo or surround monitoring, talkback, listenback, routing for headphone mixes etc., but also direct connectivity with Avid’s ICON D-Dommand and D-Control as well as with the new Avid S3 and S6 Controllers. In fact, it can be used as a drop-in replacement of Avid’s XMON.

In addition, D-Mon can be remote controlled from a touchscreen, tablet or even a smartphone. But the main difference against other high-end monitoring systems is Trinnov’s unique, industry-standard 3D room acoustics correction which is simply unmatched and already part of the monitoring chain in leading studios around the world, including Switzerland. Now the previously stand-alone, separate processor is available as part of the monitor controller itself in D-Mon. But we won’t waste more of your time here, you must hear it to believe it.

We’ll be touring Switzerland as soon as we get enough units, be sure to book a demo in your studio. With one quick 3D-measurement, we can show you the acoustic problems of your control room and how to fix them.

Contact us for demo and availability.