The Future of Professional Sampling – Digidesign Structure

Structure_comingC_1.07While there are dozens of sampler plug-ins available for several DAWs, none of them has really convinced us as a rock solid replacement for the long gone SampleCell. Samplers done for several platforms tend to be buggy due to the different architectures and features of the host appication. Looks like this could change soon.

Developed specifically for Pro Tools, Structure is a powerful RTAS virtual instrument plug-in with an impressive 128-level multitimbral universal sound engine, support for an unlimited number of nestable patches and up to 8-channel interleaved samples.

Structure delivers superior performance and reliability thanks to its direct integration with the Pro Tools audio engine. With its powerful database and integrated file browser, you can immediately find and load any sample in your collection.

Structure comes with a premium, comprehensive sample library from EastWest to get you started. You can also create your own samples by dragging and dropping Pro Tools regions directly into Structure, or import samples from other sources. Then tweak your sounds to perfection using the integrated sample editor and integrated multi-effects processing engine.

– Seamless integration with Pro Tools
– Premium sample library from EastWest
– Supports SampleCell, Kontakt 2, and EXS24 sample formats
– Drag-and-drop sample import within Pro Tools
– Sample playback via disk streaming or RAM
– Supports all common formats up to 24-bit/192 kHz/7.1 surround
– Fully resizable, integrated sample editor
– Robust multi-effects processing engine with over 20 effects and hundreds of presets
– Stereo and surround convolution reverb
– Powerful database and file browser for immediate sample retrieval
– Unlimited parts, audio effects, and MIDI effects per patch
– Easy real-time sound manipulation via Smart Knobs
– MIDI Learn functionality
– Streamlined, intuitive user interface provides quick workflow

Public beta of Structure will be available soon. Stay tuned for more info.