Technical Update 10.11.06

DigiTechUpdate_Wrench_80.jpgSome Power Mac G5 systems have power-related issues as a result of a specific component failure within the computer’s power supply. If your Power Mac G5 fails to start up after the power button has been pressed and/or shows no LED activity and your computer’s serial number is within the noted ranges, your computer may be eligible for free repair. There are no known safety issues caused by this component failure. The affected Power Mac G5 Dual 2GHz, Dual 2.3GHz or Quad 2.5GHz models were sold between approximately October 2005 and August 2006.

Serial Number Ranges:CK539xxxxxx – CK608xxxxxx, G8539xxxxxx – G8608xxxxxx, YM539xxxxxx – YM608xxxxxx, RM539xxxxxx – RM608xxxxxx

Power Mac G5 Repair Extension Program for Power Supply Issues