1. Don’t panic.

2. We have Avid-trained ACRS-certified support staff with over 30 years of combined Pro Tools experience, capable and willing to solve your problem. Please note that phone (055 280 50 62), web connection, or email support is not free, normal hourly rates apply. Call for details. Priority support with guaranteed response time is subject to a service contract.

3. Below the most important links to help yourself. Keep this page open when you call us.

Concerning Pro Tools support, below few things to check before we dig deeper to save time.

– What have you done so far to solve the problem?

– Did you find anything helpful in the manual?

– Do you have an active Avid Upgrade and Support Plan?

– Do you have an active SEC Support plan? If not, support (email, phone, TeamViewer) will be charged at hourly rate.

– Host computer model? (for example Mac Pro 5,1, HP Z4, etc.)

– Did you check if your Computer is supported by Avid:

– OS version? (OSX 12.12.6 etc./ Win 7, Win 10 etc.)

– Did you check if your OS is supported by Avid:

– Pro Tools and version (Pro Tools, Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools Ultimate, 11.3, 2018.7 etc.)

– Installed Hardware? (Pro Tools HDX, Pro Tools HD Native PCIe/Thunderbolt, audio interfaces)

– Please check if you’ve installed the latest hardware drivers for your System

– Is your iLok manager up to date?

– Other Hardware? (Avid S3, S6, Artist Mix, 3rd Party consoles)

– Did you trash preferences already and restarted Computer? – If not please download the “PT Preference Trasher”:

Activation Card

Instructions how to configure iLok and Avid accounts and authorize Pro Tools:

Pro Tools latest version System Requirements

Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate

Pro Tools 12 System Requirements

PT Pref Trasher homepage with latest versions

Pro Tools HD 12

Pro Tools 12

Pro Tools 11 System Requirements

Pro Tools HD 11

Pro Tools 11

Pro Tools 10 System Requirements

Pro Tools HD 10

Pro Tools 10

Pro Tools & Media Composer Co-Install Information

Pro Tools Preferences and Database Trasher for Mac

PT Preferences Trasher homepage with latest versions

Pro Tools 11 & 12 and later
PT Prefs 10.5

Pro Tools 10
ProTools Pref and Database Helper 2.5

Pro Tools 7 through 9
ProTools Pref and Database Helper 2.3

Trasher – Preference And Database Tool For Windows 

Pro Tools 10 & 11

Pro Tools 8.04 through 9

Pro Tools 8.01 and earlier
TRASHER 8.01 and earlier