Sonnox Restore Spring Cleaning – Thx!

Sonnox_thx_3.10Big thanks to everybody who came to see and hear how Josep from Sonnox showed his cleaning tricks. Many people came with some truly hair-raising old recordings and it was extremely interesting to see what could be done with the new Sonnox Restore to dig the audio up under the noise, distortion and crackle.

The most fun to watch were the astonished faces – including us – when Josep pulled all his tricks and made horrifying buzz, pops and hiss to disappear in few minutes with just one plug-in suite. Until now most of the attendees were using at least three different products to achieve anything comparable. To us it’s pretty clear what we will recommend as the first choice for audio restoration, Sonnox Restore offers clearly the best price-to-feature ratio in the market.

Sonnox plug-ins