Sonnox Envolution – An Instant Must-Have

SonnoxEnvolution_01.16It’s extremely rare nowadays that someone introduces a plug-in that makes you instantly feel like you simply can’t work without it. Sonnox Envolution is such a plug. The guys form Sonnox were hinting for a while already that they’re into something new and different but this one really blew our socks off.

From the technical viewpoint Envolution is a frequency-dependent envelope shaper with separate transient and sustain sections to re-shape the envelope of your instruments or audio. From the user point of view it’s a completely new and radically fun tool to fix and bend anything from a single track to a bus or even to a complete mix. You can do super weird tricks which are simply impossible with any other tools. But more important than trickery is that Envolution gives you ways to achieve perfect solutions to common mixing problems which are incredibly hard to correct with traditional tools. And as a bonus, it makes the whole process incredibly fast and intuitive.

Do yourself a favor and check out Envolution. And drop us an order when you’re convinced that it rocks indeed.