Sonnox Buy One Get One Free

Sonnox_BOGOF_10.14In November you have a brilliant opportunity to enrich your sound with the choice of the professionals.

The deal is simple: Buy one Sonnox plug-in and get another one for free. You buy the first one from us normally, register it online, and get a voucher for a free one costing the same or less than the first plug-in.

“I tend to use the Oxford EQ on vocals more frequently than anything else, just because it’s so important in the mix and the fact that I like it so much.”
– Tony Maserati (Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, Beyoncé)

“My new favorite is the Inflator. Wow, I love that one. It’s one of those plug-ins you don’t know exactly how it does what it does, but it just makes things sound great.”
– Kevin Churko (Shania Twain, Papa Roach, Ozzy Osbourne)

” I use the Sonnox Oxford Limiter on the stereo mix – which is a really nice piece of software. With it, you can get quite a bit of limiting without really hearing a loss of transients. The Enhance feature sounds to me like a good piece of tube or analog gear that’s adding even harmonics just before the point of overload. It’s warm, loud, big and still has life and transients.”
– Mick Guzauski (Eric Clapton, Madonna, Daft Punk)

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