Smyth Realiser A8 Now With HDMI, Dual User Mode

Smyth A8 HDMI 9 11

We just received the first shipment of the new HDMI version of the revolutionary Smyth Realiser A8. The Realiser can now receive and pass through 8 channels of 192kHz/24bit audio. The new firmware also enables dual-user mode which lets two people use own simulations and head tracking. Other enhancements include preset saving to SD card, automatic backup of all files to SD card, mic calibration and test, optional password protection, headphone limiter threshold and release controls, etc.

If your unit’s S/N starts with AC09, we can upgrade it to HDMI compatibility. Contact us for details.

The Smyth Realiser A8 is one of those truly rare, jaw-dropping products that you must hear to believe. It accurately models a 360° space, letting you take any control room with you anywhere you go – for less money than a decent pair of nearfields. And it actually works as advertised thanks to massive DSP and genius algorithms from Dr. Smyth, the guy who invented DTS. Come to our showroom and discover the future of mixing. We’re not kidding.

“Multichannel recordings were so compelling that I periodically had to remove the ‘phones just to convince myself that they were the actual source of this wonderful illusion.” – Stereophile

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