SEC Xmas Special: DigiDelivery Serv|LT -33%

DigiDeliveryLT_Xmas_12.08What’s in common with major film, mastering, and recording studios? They use DigiDelivery servers for fast, easy and secure transfers of huge media files. DigiDelivery makes FTP servers look like domestic cheese, full of security holes and performance that can stink without permanent care. With DigiDelivery, there are no IP addresses, usernames, or passwords to remember. Just click a link and the file is delivered as fast as your ADSL can pump it. Only this Xmas, get DigiDelivery Serv|LT with massive 33% off, Fr. 3メ333.- instead of Fr. 4メ900.-. First come, first served so if you want it, pick up the phone now.

SEC Xmas Specials