SEC Showroom Under Construction

SEC_Showroom_11.09Our news page has been a bit quiet lately not only because we’ve been busy installing numerous client projects simultaneously but also because at every free minute, we’ve been building and soldering our showroom to integrate the latest gear and furniture. After earlier upgrade of the Macs, HD5 system, Video satellite, etc. we’ve been working on the monitoring, furniture and kitchen. Yes, after 15 years of savings in the coffee can, we went crazy and ordered a dishwasher. And since it didn’t look good in the old kitchen, we ordered a new kitchen.

The Control Room is now fitted with beautiful AKA Design Pro Command furniture in Graphite Grey & Crown Oak which goes great with the classic Herman Miller Aeron chairs. The AKA package includes a stylish sink-in console for the D-Command ES 24 with sliding keyboard tray plus two racks left and right of our 32-fader D-Control ES.

The patchbay has been completely re-soldered and normalled for fast and easy access for outboard units, now including the ear-caressing Grace Design gear. Monitoring has now five different loudspeaker systems on line including classic reference monitors like NS-10s and 1030s for trusted sound that every engineer knows. Even the vintage Auratone sound is back in the re-incarnation of active Avantones. On top of that you can enjoy the built-in 1038s and new Barefoot MM27s and of course our Genelec 5.1 system for surround. And if that is not enough, even more loudspeakers are in the house for quick swap.

The C|24 demo system in a sleek Argosy 70-series console is almost ready as well and the completely new kitchen is already installed so feel free to book a demo.