SEC Carbon Genelec Bundles

Are you ready for the zero latency workflow of the big studios? If so, we created three
Carbon Genelec Bundles for you.

CGB-M: Pro Tools Carbon, Genelec 8331, Pro Tools CH Keyboard

This package gets you going with zero latency workflow and great nearfield monitors. We even throw in a Swiss Pro Tools Keyboard.

List Fr. 9’406.- Bundle Special Fr. 8’199.-


CGB-L with additional Pro Tools S1 Controller

CGB-L offers everything from CGB-M plus Avid S1 controller for tactile, multi fader mixing experience.

List Fr. 10’855.- Bundle Special Fr. 9’499.-


CGB-XL complete with Pro Tools Dock

On top of everything from L, CGB-XL adds an Avid Pro Tools Dock for super fast session control and workflows.

List Fr. 11’954.- Bundle Special Fr. 10’399.-

Only while supplies last so order now! Questions? Give us a ring.