SEC Avid ACSR Certifications Update

In order to offer the best possible Avid support, we get trained every year by Avid. This is not easy or cheap – we have to find the time and actually have to pay for the courses – but we think it’s necessary to be able to offer the best possible support for you, the customer.

We’re happy to announce that Marc just became an Avid Pro Tools ACSR (Avid Certified Service Representative) after concluding the PT400 ACSR course and exam. Marc is also Avid Certified Pro Tools 100-level user. Tarmo just refreshed his ACSR certificate to the latest Pro Tools version. He is also Pro Tools 200-level Pro Tools Post Operator. Our Pro Tools instructor Alex is certified as Pro Tools 300-level Expert, S6 Expert and Pro Tools ACSR as well.

So if you have questions, we have Avid-certified answers.