S6 Software 2.0 Available

S6_v2_7-15We’re very pleased to announce the release of S6 software version 2.0. It is a massive upgrade bringing many user wishes to S6 and fixing myriads of bugs. 2.0 is a free upgrade for existing users. Book a demo now in our showroom with our big, 32 channel S6 console or let us show our compact S6 demo system at your place to see the true power of the world’s leading audio controller.

New features include:
– Two separate assignable spill zones for VCA’s, Track Types, Workstations and Layouts
– Banking within spill zones
– Flip Rotary Knob rows to motorized Faders for more visual and tactile control
– Improved EQ mapping in Expand mode
– EQ/Dynamics curves displayed in expand mode (M40 Display Modules)
– View scrolling automation lanes over waveforms on Display Modules (M40 only)
– Automatic saving of layouts into DAW Sessions
– Ability to show and work with Hidden Tracks in Pro Tools
– Ability to adjust Knob Speed and Sensitivity
– A single assignable knob per connected EUCON DAWs (currently not Pro Tools)
– Pro Tools Mix/Edit windows follow banking on surface
– Default Soft Key streamlining and enhancements for Pro Tools
– Default Soft Keys for Nuendo and Cubase
– More customization preferences
– XMON improvements
– Up to two Dedicated definable Knob Expand Zones for full access to EQ, Dynamics, Pan, Sends and more following ‘attentioned’ track (one zone on M10)

Avid S6 Support Page for full details

Contact us for a demo