Rupert Neve Designs at SEC

We are thrilled to announce that Rupert Neve Designs has chosen SEC as their dealer. Based in Wimberley, Texas where Rupert moved back in 1994, RND continues Rupert’s legacy at the highest possible level, by a team of engineers educated by Rupert himself. This is a big day for us since Rupert Neve is arguably the most legendary single person in Pro Audio manufacturing.

RND’s products are not cheap copies or reverse-engineered wannabes of Rupert’s old designs, they are the real deal, built to last, often with enhancements provided by today’s advanced technologies.

In our showroom you can already have a listen to RND’s flagship channel strip/mic preamp Shelford Channel, flagship dynamics processor Portico II Master Buss Processor, simple and elegant 5211 2ch Mic Pre, and 5057 Orbit 16 to 2ch Summing Mixer. You can also check out our 500-series rack with 511 Mic Preamp, 535 Diode Bridge Compressor, 551 Inductor EQ, and 517 Mic Pre/DI/Compressor. All those and the superb RNDI DI box the can be listened through RNHP Precision Headphone Amplifier paired with Audeze LCD-X or LCD MX-4.

At SEC we’re always looking for the best of the best solutions for our customers so we provide the whole Rupert Neve line including their large format console 5088.

Book a demo and hear the silky sound of Rupert Neve in our showroom. Let us get your sound to the next level with his legendary technology.