Roger’s secret weapon Detailer out now

DetailerBig_12.06Roger Nichols’ secret weapon used in countless hit records is now available for you. Detailer offers a new way of increasing the perception of “detail” in the mid level of a final mix while still allowing increased loudness. The process involves proprietary psycho-acoustic processing never been available to general public before. Detailer does not change the balance in your mix. It doesn’t make anything louder in the mix, it just makes it have more detail.

What makes Detailer truly bitchin’ is the ease of making your mixes sound モbig timeヤ. Be sure to listen to the examples (link below) to hear how mixes get a new life when processed with Detailer. More depth, 3D and yes, detail is maybe the best way to describe what Detailer does to your mixes.

You’ve heard it on many records where you might have been wondering モhow they did it?ヤ. Now you can do it too.

Detailer details