Roger Nichols Needs Your Help

RogerNicholsHelp_2.11One of the greatest engineers of all time, Roger Nichols, needs your help. And he’s not looking for an assistant engineer or someone to help dust his Grammy Awards. Roger quite literally is fighting for his life.

Last summer, Roger was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Although quite serious, many of those afflicted survive for years with proper treatment. Unfortunately, the medical costs and bills have devastated the Nichols family, leaving them nearly bankrupt, making any chance of Roger taking part in some promising new treatments nearly impossible. We’re talking about USA here – you pay or you die. Even if you have a good health insurance, it typically covers only the first few treatments.

Roger has done so many legendary productions that have brought so much joy to so many people’s lifes, from Steely Dan to Placido Domingo. Considering him being one of our all-time audio heroes, we were very pleased to get to know Roger – few years ago we even had the honor to organize a Master Class with him in our showroom. It was truly amazing to listen Steely Dan multitracks and listen to his hilarious as well as gut-wrenching war stories.

Help us to help Roger and donate – even a little amount – through the link below.

Roger Nichols Needs Your Help
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