Roger Nichols Master Class rocks

RogerNicholsClass_5.07Big smiles covered the faces of everybody after the Master Class with Roger Nichols. Not only the hair-raising war stories but most of all the insights of the 7-times Grammy winner about making great sounding records brought great inspiration to all attendees.

Roger talked mostly about mixing, using mouth-watering multitrack examples from Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan etc. Many other topics got discussed as well like miking, how to find a good spot for an instrument in the studio, headphone mix, dithering, compressing, EQ, MP3/AAC quality, analog vs. digital, mix in the box vs. console, etc. All in all a truly thrilling day which was over way too fast.

We hope to have Roger over again, hopefully already next year for a recording workshop with hands-on clinic including setup, miking, recording and mixing of an entire session – the first time only got us hungry for more.

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