RNDigital Finis 3 multiband limiter out now

RND_Finis3_8.08The Finis 3 is a 3-band peak limiter with a new approach for multi band peak limiting due to RNDigital’s superb FIR filter technology providing an excellent separation of three bands without phase shift on the crossover frequencies. The Finis 3 does has 3 independent peak limiters operating separately as well as one central peak limiter controlling the sum of all bands.

Finis 3 employs a psychoacoustic limiting algorithm that analyzes several aspects of your audio and intelligently keeps the level under the specified maximum. To address the complexities of limiting while maintaining a good dynamic audio range, Finis 3 has a meter not commonly found on limiters: The Crest Factor Meter, which indicates the crest factor of the input and output, plus the in/out difference, enabling you to see how limiting affects the dynamics of the material.

RNDigital Finis 3 info