Revolutionary Smyth Realiser A8 – Any Studio, Any Speakers, Anywhere

Prod_Hardware_Smyth_A8_Front_5.10Imagine taking any loudspeaker system, any control room, up to 7.1 surround, anywhere you want – in headphones. Calibrated to your own ears for completely convincing “being there” effect. To the point that you can’t hear the difference between headphones and the loudspeakers.

Crazy? Magic? No, Smyth Research Realiser A8.

Loaded with massive DSP and knowhow of Dr. Stephen Smyth who developed industry changing DTS and APT-X100 algorithms, Realiser A8 causes more dropped jaws than anything we’ve ever seen. Love to see people instinctively turn their heads in surprise when you solo a surround channel in the back. And when they look back, the surround *stays* in the position because your head movements are continuously tracked. The result is so real that you end up taking the phones off and on again and again in disbelief.

The package comes complete with the 8-channel main unit, miniature in-ear mics, remote control and a head tracking system so you can measure any room and loudspeaker system yourself. No one-size-fits all phase mess approximations here. Don’t take our word, come and hear for yourself. We have an A8 with various headphones ready for your ears. For early birds we offer a free calibration in our acoustically treated control room with several high-end loudspeaker systems.

“My first inclination was to pull the headphones off. Which I did. Suddenly I’m not hearing anything! The room was as silent as a tomb. Suddenly I realized that the only sound in the room was coming out from the Stax [headphones].” – AV Guide

“This unimposing box houses some extreme technology and a breakthrough in surround sound listening via headphones. It is not some gimmicky manipulation of phase to simulate 5.1 surround, it is a totally new concept and process, and I can tell you, hello, it works.” – StereoMojo