Revolutionary New Plug-Ins from Sonicfinger

VSV_6.05Most plug-in companies offer endless variations of the old themes like EQ, dynamics, reverb etc. without much creativity to unleash the immense DSP power that a Pro Tools HD system has to offer.

Sonicfinger has a refreshingly new approach to modeling plug-ins and just announced three truly revolutionary new products:Dead Quietenator, Virtual Home Studio Modeller and Virtual Studio Visitor.

The new Dead Quietenator ensures that the space between your notes is as pure as possible, providing the highest quality pure digital silence available (up to 24bit/192KHz).

Virtual Home Studio Modeller accurately reproduces the coveted ADAT sound as well as the sounds of legendary MiniDiscs, PortaStudios and Behringers (and many more) in a convenient plug-in. When the best is too good, VHSM is the answer!

Virtual Studio Visitor uses advances computer modelling to to allow you to replicate the effect of various studio visitors without the need of them to actually be present in the studio. Want to hear what the lead singer sounds like if his angry girlfriend is watching from the control room? Just apply the Virtual Visitor’s ‘Resentful Girlfriend/Wife’ preset to the lead vocal track. [thx Patrik]