The Return of the Dolby Atmos Workshop 22-23. November

Our Dolby Atmos Workshop was so much fun, we decided to do another one!

We’ll be guided again by Avid’s S6 specialist Eric Horstmann in 1h, small group workshops, going through the new features of Pro Tools HD 12.8.2 and Eucon 3.7 which enable completely new features and workflows, including super tight Dolby Atmos integration.

We will have Product Specialists from DAD and iZotope in Uznach as well so you can dig really deep in their latest products.

Be also sure to reserve enough time to check out the latest gear from Amphion, Avid, Barefoot, Genelec, Trinnov and Warm Audio. All stuff is up and running for you to play with.

All Pro Tools demos will be streamed live from Avid’s new NEXIS PRO, the world’s first software-defined storage platform that enables true storage virtualization for any media application. NEXIS is a perfect solution for multi-room Pro Tools setups or video studios.

Space is very limited so mail or call us today. We will then contact you to book a slot for you or your team.

Hope to see you soon in Uznach!