Restoring Historic Recordings With Trinnov – United Music Foundation

Hadzis_Mainpage_160524United Music Foundation in Geneva has a mission to preserve and remaster historical recordings. From Sarah Vaughan to Jimi Hendrix, UMF preserves our musical heritage in a specialized studio run by David Hadzis. Old recordings can have very strange frequency and phase issues due to tape generations, tape head adjustments, etc. so a 100% truthful monitoring is absolutely critical. This is where Trinnov comes into picture.

In David’s own words: “A friend who works in a Paris studio told me about the Trinnov ST-2. And since I was seeing my studio’s acoustician, we decided to test it together. We took a sound field sample with the special 3D microphone and started going… I couldn’t believe my ears! And my acoustician put a smile on his face. He had seen plenty of so-called “studio acoustics correction systems” but nothing like this.”

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