Radically New Mac Pro Coming Soon

New Mac ProApple showed yesterday for the first time the long-awaited new Mac Pro. It is a truly remarkable machine in every aspect, offering hair-raising power in an astonishingly small 25cmx16cm package. In a bold move away from the past, the “Jet Engine” Mac Pro does not have internal PCIe slots, expansion is handled externally with no less than six (!) Thunderbolt 2 ports, each capable of 20Gbp/s speed.

Xeon E5 processors and dual workstation graphics GPUs for three 4K displays combined with PCIe-based SSD bring unbelievable speed to the desktop. The new SSD technology alone brings 100 times faster file transfers than a conventional hard disk.

We think this is the perfect companion for Pro Tools HD Native and HDX. Just slip you cards in a PCIe chassis and you have screaming power in a tiny package. We have already the Magma Thunderbolt chassis in showroom running perfectly with HDX, UAD2 Quad and Avid Mojo DX cards inside.

Availability is not confirmed yet but we will be first in the line when they become available. Stay tuned.

Mac Pro Sneek Peak