Pro Limiter

Pro_Limiter_RunningPro Limiter is a transparent-sounding limiter that enables you to maximise the loudness of any mix, without distortion or harshness. It offers a variety of features that enable you to control how it reacts, with great precision.

Clean and transparent sound that sits well in the mix while maintaining tight control over output levels. Unique character knob adds soft saturation to signals, enabling an increase in loudness and a higher amount of gain reduction
EBU R128 loudness metering enables you to normalise broadcast audio to EBU specifications quickly.

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Pro Compressor

5180263-21735223-thumbnail.jpgPro Compressor is a high-quality compressor based on the Avid System 5 console and Channel Strip plug-in (which is bundled with Pro Tools 10 software), enabling you to shape sounds, enhance tracks, and breathe life into mixes. But it offers a wide range of features and improvements that go way beyond the Channel Strip, including:
Four advanced detectors, plus a unique SMART mode, change how the compressor sounds and reacts. Solo function isolates just the gain reduction part of the audio material, enabling faster and easier settings adjustments. Parallel compression feature allows users to blend the compressor signal path with the unprocessed input material

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Pro Expander

5180263-21735225-thumbnail.jpgPro Expander is also based on the Avid Channel Strip plug-in, enabling you to give mixes more energy, gate noise, and duck signals. It offers a handful of easy-to-use features and improvements, including some unique elements not found in Pro Compressor, including:
Look ahead mode with up to 15 milliseconds of “look ahead” for perfect results when setting a hard gate, even on low frequency signals
Upward mode increases the dynamics in the material, allowing for more creativity—especially when used with a steep Q side-channel filter setting
Ducker mode, with its own optimised algorithm and detector, emulates the sound and natural feel of radio programming fader moves.

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Groove player and editor

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_Transfuser_08_08Transfuser is an RTAS virtual instrument plug-in which provides an innovative, real-time loop, phrase, and groove creation workstation that allows to quickly and easily create, manipulate, and perform loop- and rhythm-based music on the fly. It’s ideal for electronic, hip-hop, and dance music production, remixing, and anyone working with loops. Transfuser comes with a big library of high quality loops and phrases to get started right away. It also offers a great way to quickly and easily modify your existing loop libraries.



– Easily develop and tweak grooves on the fly within Pro Tools
– Real-time slicing and tagging of loops
– Automatic conversion of loops into MIDI patterns/drum kits
– Sound replacement in existing loops on the fly
– Musically intelligent randomization of loops for instantly crafting variations on a whim
– Full drag and drop of Pro Tools regions and audio files from your computer browser

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Eleven Guitar Amp Plug-In

Amp & Cabinet emulation

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_Eleven_10_07Eleven delivers ultra-realistic guitar amp tones based on classic and modern amplifiers and speaker cabinets like Fender, VOX, Marshall, Mesa/Boogie and Soldano. With Eleven, you can feel the sonic details and nuances often overlooked by other amp-modeling solutions, including ghost notes, power amp sag, cabinet resonance, speaker cone breakup.

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Prod_PlugIns_Digi_Structure_06_07Structure is purposely built and optimized exclusively for Pro Tools, ensuring the utmost in performance no matter how hard you push it. From its streamlined, intuitive interface to its ultra-flexible modulation and articulation capabilities, Structure handles even the most demanding sounds and sample libraries with ease, giving you unrivaled creativity and playability without hassle.

• Includes sound libraries from EastWest and A.I.R., including Quantum Leap Orchestral Elements, plus a 30-day trial of EastWest’s 40GB sound library, Goliath—Structure Edition
• Supports SampleCell, Kontakt 1 and 2, EXS24 sound libraries (up to 8-ch. interleaved samples)
• Drag-and-drop regions from within Pro Tools directly into the sampler
• superior playback performance trough tight Pro Tools integration
• Playback via disk streaming or RAM for optimal operation
• Powerful database and file browser make finding easier
• Over 20 effects types—including stereo and surround convolution reverbs—and hundreds of effects presets
• Unlimited number of nestable patches, enabling easy creation of highly complex sounds
• Up to 128-level multitimbral playback per Structure instance
• Unlimited number of parts, audio effects, and MIDI effects per patch
• Resizable built-in Sample Editor enables fast and easy waveform editing and sample mapping
• Supports all common bit depths, sample rates, and surround formats—up to 24-bit/192 kHz/7.1 surround
• Surround/stereo main outputs and up to 31 auxiliary outputs allow discrete source mixing and signal processing
• Six freely assignable, context-dependent Smart Knobs enable fast access to the most important sound sculpting parameters
• Powerful hands-on, real-time control of the sampler using a Avid control surface, or MIDI controller via MIDI Learn
• Integrated REX player allows use and manipulation of REX files
• Streamlined, intuitive user interface

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Electric Piano

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_Velvet_06_07Velvet is a powerful new RTAS instrument plug-in that delivers highly realistic emulations of your favorite electric pianos — from classic to modern. Velvet accurately emulates the nuances of the original instruments, both in sound quality and playing feel, to reproduce virtually any electric piano sound, and is based on four legendary electric pianos: the Fender Rhodes Suitcase, Fender Rhodes MK I and MK II Stage Pianos, and Wurlitzer A200.

Velvet employs proprietary dynamic modeling, a unique combination of optimized sampling and modeling techniques, allowing it to achieve incredibly accurate recreations of classic electric piano sounds with superior playing feel and dynamic response. You can even pull off sounds you’d normally only hear when playing the real instrument, from the faintness of the lightest pianissimo to the note splat of the strongest fortissimo. Turn up the tube drive controls in the preamp section to warm up your tone. Adjust the timbre, dynamic response, and velocity curve to customize the playing feel. Craft your ideal sound using the built-in multi-effects processing engine, and adjust the tuning. Even mix in the sound of pedal and other keyboard mechanical noises to recreate a truly realistic electric piano feel.

Built specifically for Pro Tools, Velvet is tightly integrated with the new creative environment of Pro Tools 7 software, and designed for optimal performance and rock-solid reliability.

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Reel Tape Delay


Prod_PlugIns_Avid_ReelTapeDelay_08_13Psychedelic, Dub, and Electro music styles are hotter than ever, and the warm, ear-pleasing sound of tape-based delay has never been more relevant. Reel Tape Delay emulates analog tape echo and delay effects with expertly modeled frequency response, noise, wow and flutter, and distortion characteristics. Reproduce fluctuations in tape speed — both small and large. Even get the full effect of adjusting tape speed during the record/playback process. Delays are fully adjustable over a wide range, and because EQ and detailed level control are built into the echo/delay loop, the feedback controls allow you to dial-in a variety of effects, from tastefully subtle to over-the-top.

– Authentically modeled analog tape echo and delay effects
– Reproduce the fluctuations in tape speed
– Adjust delays from 93 ms to 1,486 ms (1-7/8 ips to 30 ips)
– Feedback control adjusts the amount of delayed output fed back into the input
– Wow & Flutter controls adjust tape speed fluctuation
– Bass and Treble controls in the echo/delay feedback loop allow for subtle to extreme feedback and saturation effects

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Reel Tape Saturation

Tape emulator

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_ReelTapeSaturation_04_07Re-create the classic analog recording experience. Reel Tape Saturation emulates the color characteristics, tape compression, and saturation effects of popular analog tape formulations, including the classic Ampex 456 and higher-output Quantegy GP9. It also features carefully modeled characteristics from renowned tape machines such as the 3M M79 and Studer A800. Enjoy full control over tape speed, hiss, bias, and calibration levels.

– Bring the warmth and punch of analog tape color and saturation into the digital domain
– Phase and frequency response characteristics modeled from three types of analog tape machines
– Saturation effects modeled from two popular tape formulations
– Control the tape speed effect from 7.5 to 30 ips (inches per second)
– Noise controls adjust the amount of tape hiss
– Bias controls simulate the effect of under- or over-biasing the tape machine
– Cal Adjust control simulates the effect of three common calibration levels

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Reel Tape Flanger


Prod_PlugIns_Digi_ReelTapeFlanger_04_07The reason why most flanger effects sound unconvincing is because the studio technique that they imitate is dependent on so many real-world factors. Reel Tape Flanger thoroughly models the tape flanging process and hardware characteristics, and provides an arsenal of controls for shaping the output in real time. The results are as close as you can get to the real thing — and a lot easier to use! The sonic characteristics of frequency response, noise, wow and flutter, and
distortion are captured in detail and applied to a variety of tape speed and delay control options. Infamously difficult manual flange and artificial double-tracking (ADT) techniques are simple to re-create. Simply adjust the variable delay manually (or use the LFO and Depth controls) and listen to the captivating frequency sweep and “crossover” cancellation effects heard on so many classic recordings. You also get easy access to tape speed fluctuation and feedback controls.

– Accurately reproduce analog tape machine flanging
– Adjustable speed control allows for manual flanging and artificial double-tracking effects
– Feedback control adjusts the amount of flanged output fed back into the input
– Wow & Flutter controls adjust tape speed fluctuation
– LFO Rate and Depth settings control the speed and depth of the flanging effect

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Signal Tools

Phase and Surround Signaling

SignalTools_08_06SignalTools is a suite of multi-channel metering and analysis tools included in the free DigiRack plug-in collection. Compatible with all Pro Tools systems and VENUE, SignalTools includes the redesigned SurroundScope plug-in and introduces the new PhaseScope plug-in. With a comprehensive set of features, an easy-to-use interface, and capabilities for hands-on operation, SignalTools plug-ins give you the tools you need for precise level control and phase coherence—live or in the studio.

SurroundScope and PhaseScope include support for different meter types (RMS, Peak, VU, and more), peak hold preferences, and Leq(A) metering. Ideal for surround mixing, the SurroundScope plug-in shows a graphical representation of signal levels for each audio channel in the multi-channel sound field. PhaseScope, on the other hand, is invaluable when comparing the output phase of a stereo track or any two streams of a multi-channel output where perceptual coding might take place.


SignalTools are invaluable for achieving more accurate mixes. The simplified user interface makes it easy to select channels for Leq(A) or phase comparison—just click on the channel buttons surrounding the display to focus the meters. The scales and other parameters can be addressed from a mixing worksurface such as Avid’s ICON, Control|24, or Command|8® for maximum convenience.

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Sample Player

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_Xpand!Xpand!, developed by the Avid Advanced Instrument Research group, provides fast, efficient ways to access and manipulate thousands of high-quality sounds directly from within your Pro Tools system. Built for songwriters, film composers, DJs, electronic musicians, and music producers — and offered as a free RTAS plug-in for Pro Tools systems, Xpand! is a sonic powerhouse that will become an indispensable component of your creative Pro Tools environment.


• Comprehensive sound factory for all musical styles and applications
• More than 1,000 factory patches and 500 combinable part presets
• Four layer-able parts for millions of combinations
• Multi-synthesis engine
• 64-note polyphony
• Quick and easy sound tweaking
• Two built-in effect sections and four arpeggiators/phrase generators
• Highly efficient on system resources
• RTAS format

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Virtual Instrument

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_Hybrid_04.06Developed by the Avid Advanced Instrument Research group, Hybrid is a high-definition software synthesizer for Pro Tools systems that combines the warmth of classic analog waveforms with digital wavetables so you can produce the synth you remember or something no one has ever heard before.

Hybrid comes equipped with 256 preset patches that include a full range of analog and digital sounds, but it is made for tweaking. Its deep set of user-adjustable parameters let you create unique sounds easily from a straightforward interface. Construct complex patches from two distinct parts, each of which features three high-definition, sample-accurate oscillators with multiple wave modes, four envelope generators, three LFOs, 23 filter modes with true saturation, and two insert effects.

Whether you use it in the studio or in a live situation, Hybrid is built to be played. Use the step sequencers for arpeggiation or phrase generation. Set the modulation matrix to easily map modulations from sources to destinations. And set up “morph” groups to modify sounds on the fly, from the interface or a MIDI controller.

Tightly integrated with Pro Tools software, Hybrid is designed for optimal performance and rock-solid reliability. With both a rich set of preset analog and digital sounds and a large array of adjustable parameters, Hybrid gives musicians, arrangers, composers, and sound designers the qualities and character of a unique hardware synthesizer with the convenience and flexibility of an integrated Pro Tools plug-in.


– 256 preset patches with a range of analog and digital sounds
– Comprehensive user-modification capabilities from a straightforward interface
– Sample-accurate synth engine for super-fast envelopes and high-definition sound
– Two simultaneous parts for creating complex patches; three high-definition oscillators per part—two with seven wave modes
– Revolutionary filter design with 23 filter modes, filter FM, and true saturation
– Flexible editing options with four envelope generators and three LFOs per part
– Performance-oriented features, including a modulation matrix, “morph” groups, and a step sequencer/polyphonic phrase generator for each part
– Two effects inserts per part, plus a master effects section

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Bruno, Reso

Audio Synthesis

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_BrunoResoAvid’s Bruno/Reso are two powerful TDM plug-ins that creatively synthesize any existing audio in real time. This means any source — from vocals to drums to guitar — can instantly be transformed into a uniquely textured new sound.

Both Bruno and Reso use a cross-synthesis technique to produce rich sound across an extremely wide sonic spectrum. With up to 24 voices possible, you can create a deep layer of adjustable resonant tones. An onscreen keyboard allows you to latch the keys for sounding multiple notes.

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Sound Transformation

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_xFiD-Fi is a family of four unique Plug-Ins (Lo-Fi, Sci-Fi, Recti-Fi, and Vari-Fi) providing tools for creative sound design in the TDM, RTAS, and AudioSuite environments. Lo-Fi provides bit-reduction for retro sound processing without the expense of retro equipment. Sci-Fi adds analog synth-type ring modulation, frequency modulation, and variable frequency resonators. Recti-Fi provides super- and sub-harmonic synthesis, and Vari-Fi allows processing of disk files to create the effect of audio changing speed to or from a complete stop.

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Prod_PlugIns_Digi_D-VerbFrom spacious halls to intimate rooms, D-Verb brings professional-quality reverb and ambience processing to single or multiple tracks of your Pro Tools session. With any Pro Tools system, D-Verb delivers real-time processing with automation of every parameter.

D-Verb can be run on single or multiple tracks, auxiliary inputs, and group masters, in mono, stereo, or “mono-to-stereo” to create a stereo image from a mono track. With an attractive new interface, easy on-screen editing, superb audio quality, and the ability to do the work of multiple stand-alone reverb processors, D-Verb is a great performer.

D-Verb is now included for FREE in the DigiRack plug-in set that is bundled with all Pro Tools versions 6.0 and higher.

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Prod_PlugIns_Digi_DINRDINR, Avid’s award-winning Intelligent Noise Reduction plug-in, effectively reduces unwanted noise — including tape hiss, guitar-amp buzz, and air conditioner rumble — for cleaner, more professional sounding audio.

Since DINR analyzes and subtracts noise entirely within the digital realm, the results can be virtually free of side effects — such as distortion, dynamic modulation (pumping and breathing), and the undesired fluctuations in frequency response associated with conventional noise reduction systems.

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Pitch Processor

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_DDP-1The Avid DPP-1 Pitch Processor Plug-In brings high-quality, 24-bit pitch change and delay processing to the Pro Tools TDM environment. The DPP-1 can operate in mono or stereo modes, and supplies up to 4 octaves of high-quality stereo pitch transposition on single or multiple mixer channels.

With easy on-screen editing and program storage, and the ability to run multiple pitch processors for the price of one software Plug-In, the DPP-1 can do the work of multiple standalone pitch processors — at a far lower cost.

Note: DPP-1 is included as a free DigiRack plug-in named Pitch with Pro Tools TDM 6.0 and higher.

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Dynamics III

Compressor/Limiter Expander/Gate & De-Esser

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_Dynamics3Designed for both Avid Pro Tools systems and Avid picture systems, Dynamics III is a professional plug-in suite that includes a Compressor/Limiter, Expander/Gate, and De-Esser, each in an easy-to-use interface.

Dynamics III offers simple ways to apply dynamics processing in mono, stereo, or in a full range of surround formats.* It also integrates easily with control surfaces and consoles, including the VENUE live sound environment and the ICON integrated console environment, giving you direct, hand-on control of functions. Best of all, Dynamics III is offered for free to all Pro Tools and Avid system users as part of the Avid DigiRack plug-in collection.

*De-Esser is mono/stereo only.

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Prod_PlugIns_Digi_EQIIIEQ III is a new high-resolution, double-precision 48-bit EQ plug-in available for Pro Tools® and Avid® systems. The latest addition to the DigiRack suite of free plug-ins, EQ III supports TDM, RTAS, and AudioSuite formats, and is available in 1-band, 4-band, and 7-band configurations for optimized CPU/DSP efficiency. In addition to the plug-in’s fully parametric design, EQ III includes selectable shelving filters and settings as well as separate high-pass, low-pass, and variable Q notch filters.

EQ III’s sleek and intuitive interface features a fully interactive and easy to use frequency graph that allows users to view and adjust individual EQ bands and filters from within the display. EQ III was designed to complement the dedicated EQ center section of Avid’s ICON D-Control tactile worksurface, providing D-Control users with unsurpassed control over all of EQ III’s parameters, including gain, frequency, Q, and filter switching for all of EQ III’s bands. The plug-in’s professional and interactive interface and seamless worksurface integration makes EQ III one of the easiest EQ plug-ins to use, and provides an unparalleled workflow designed for speed and accuracy.


– High-resolution, double-precision 48-bit processing
– 5-band fully parametric design with additional high-pass and low-pass filters
– Selectable shelving filters and settings on LF and HF bands
– Separate selectable high-pass, low-pass, and notch filters with variable Q and slope
– Three selectable EQ process types for flexibility and optimal DSP usage
– Professional interactive interface with tight ICON worksurface integration
– De-zippered, automatable controls for smooth parameter changes
– Support for high-resolution sample rate processing up to and including 192 kHz
– Supports Avid Xpress, Avid Xpress DV, and Avid DNA systems

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Prod_PlugIns_Digi_ImpactThe first Avid TDM plug-in compatible exclusively with the new HD Accel PCI cards, the Impact compressor is the first of its kind to bring console-style mix bus compression to Pro Tools via a familiar user interface and control set. With support for multichannel tracks up to 7.1 and sampling rates up to 192 kHz, Impact offers unmatched features and sound previously unavailable with other TDM compressors.

Impact’s clean and well-organized user interface emulates the look of a console mix bus compressor. Its control set includes four selectable compression ratios and variable controls for Attack, Release, Threshold, and Make-up Gain. The Impact compressor interface includes a Gain Reduction meter that replicates an analog meter with an animated bouncing needle, displaying authentic ballistics as it meters gain reduction. The Impact compressor also includes a side-chain input, allowing any Pro Tools audio track to be used as an external key.

Ideal for professional music and post environments where critical control of dynamic program material is essential, Impact’s ability to go from subtle smoothing of dynamics to extreme squashing compression is without peer.

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Prod_PlugIns_Digi_MaximIf you mix in Pro Tools and want your final audio tracks to have that professionally mastered sheen, add Maxim to your list of “must have” plug-ins. More than just a world-class peak limiter, Maxim optimizes the overall level of the audio input while preserving the integrity of the original sound. Although Maxim is ideally suited to the stereo master of a mix, it’s flexible enough to be used as a dynamics processor on any channel in the Pro Tools mixing environment.

Maxim also offers built-in dithering, on-line help, and a full-color Histogram, making it an indispensable plug-in for mixing and mastering in any Pro Tools environment.

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Reverb One

Digital Reverb

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_ReverbOneIf you’re looking for a reverberation processor of uncompromising sonic quality that’s also easy to use, look no further than the Reverb One TDM plug-in. Reverb One is a reverb processor built from the ground up by Avid to satisfy demanding audio professionals. At every step in its development, Reverb One was subjected to critical listening tests, resulting in a TDM plug-in that can compete with any software or hardware reverb processor on the market today. Reverb One gives you complete control of the reverberant characteristics of your mix, and is equally at home in music, post production, and sound design applications that require the utmost in clarity and precision.

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Mixed Convolution Reverb

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_RevibeReVibe is a powerful room-modeling TDM plug-in exclusively designed to take advantage of the supercharged processing capabilities of HD Accel PCI cards. The 96 kHz optimized ReVibe provides nine reverb algorithms combined with hundreds of room reflection models. With its intuitive user interface and detailed controls, ReVibe handles nearly any reverberation task with ease.

ReVibe supports up to 5.x Pro Tools multichannel formats, and includes independent reverb, early reflection, and level controls for the rear channels. Rear-channel reverb controls may also be used in mono or stereo instances, providing more presence and density to the reverb character.

ReVibe’s ability to accurately represent a room’s sound or ambience enables it to offer highly-detailed models of a number of real spaces as well as springs and plates — making it a perfect complement to Reverb One’s classic digital reverb sound.

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Prod_PlugIns_Digi_Smack!Avid Smack is a new professional compressor/limiter plug-in designed specifically for music applications, but capable of accommodating virtually any kind of audio material with equal success. Smack! features three compression modes, unique compression ratios, and harmonic distortion ideally suited for achieving a wide range of sonic variations and colorations. Additionally, the plug-in supports side-chain processing, multichannel track types, and the full range of ProTools sample rates and plug-in formats.

Smack! has been developed for Pro Tools music makers who require a great-sounding, flexible and easy-to-use compression tool. Accurately modeling automatic gain reduction devices previously found only in hardware, Smack! controls the volume of just about any source in a very “musical” manner, adding fullness, intelligibility, and excitement to any track. Its user interface is intuitively constructed, with a look and feel reminiscent of vintage devices, enabling the user to create an amazingly wide range of tonal coloration with a minimal set of controls.


– Foolproof operation — Handles any kind of audio material with ease
– Three compression modes — Includes a mode for emulating classic electro-optical limiters
– Unique compression ratios — From subtle compression to hard limiting
– Harmonic distortion — Add subtle analog-sounding distortion
– Side-chain support — External or internal side-chain processing and a side-chain EQ
– Multichannel support — For all Pro Tools multi-channel track types
– Full sample rate support — For all Pro Tools sample rates including 192 kHz
– Supports AudioSuite, RTAS, and TDM plug-in formats

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Samples Replacer

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_SoundReplacerSoundReplacer allows you to replace or mix an existing audio track with new samples from your sound library. SoundReplacer allows you to retain the original feel by matching the timing and automatically adjusting the dynamics of the replacement sound to match the changing levels of the original performance.

Up to three separate samples can be used to blend with or completely replace an original performance. Variations in amplitude within the performance determine which sample is triggered at a given time.

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Level and Phase Meter

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_SurroundScopeWith SurroundScope, you can take full advantage of Pro Tools surround mixing and editing capabilities. SurroundScope provides a graphical display of the signal level for each audio channel within the multichannel sound field. With its intuitive interface, you can accurately see what your listeners will hear, right from within Pro Tools. Including a full-featured Lissajous Phase Meter, SurroundScope brings to the Pro Tools platform a simple yet highly accurate way of monitoring the phase of your stereo mix or other stereo tracks in your session.

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Audio Loops Manipulation

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_SynchronicIn the worlds of electronic music and sound design, a tool occasionally appears that promises to leave a permanent imprint. Avid’s new Synchronic software instrument is such a device, providing musicians and sound sculptors with an intuitive, deep-featured means of developing truly distinctive loops and enhancing the originality of their work.

Compatible with both Pro Tools LE and TDM systems, Synchronic is a novel new RTAS plug-in that enables you to easily manipulate audio loops to create an innumerable variety of unique rhythmic and sonic variations. With Synchronic, you can easily create rhythmic modifications and in-tempo effects with individual beats and beat subdivisions within a loop.


– An innovative sound design and beat creation tool for the Pro Tools environment
– Performance-inspired design, user interface, and functionality for DJs, live electronic musicians, and others
– Modular configuration with presets allows for endless combinations as well as instant recall
– MIDI-synchronized intempo effects with real-time control
– Controllable directly through its own graphic user interface, MIDI, plug-in automation, or Avid-qualified Pro Tools control – surface
– Graphical slice point editor for automatic and manual loop-slicing
– RTAS plug-in support for both Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools TDM systems
– Support for up to 96 kHz Pro Tools sessions
– Over 200 MBs of free audio loops from Avid Development Partners
– iLok-protected for portability

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Prod_PlugIns_Digi_SOLIDDeveloped by SoundFuel in collaboration with Avid, SOLID is a high-quality TDM synthesizer instrument plug-in that offers inspiring and distinct new sounds. Unlike many host-based synthesizers, SOLID features extremely low latency, providing superb timing accuracy and true hardware synthesizer performance for a fraction of the cost. SOLID’s analog modeling capabilities produce a complex audio spectrum, producing sonic results reminiscent of the classic analog synthesizers of the ‘70s.

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