Pro Tools Reinstatements Ending 31.12.19

From 1.1. 20, on Avid will no longer offer reinstatements to reactivate an annual upgrade and support plan for Pro Tools or Pro Tools Ultimate. If your plan is currently active, everything is fine and you can still renew it through us every year.

But if your plan has expired, we unfortunately can not order a reinstatement for you after 1.1.2020. This means that if you don’t reinstate an expired plan before 31.12.19, Avid will force you to change to a rental subscription model. This means that you lose your perpetual license in the process.

Please note that you can buy the reinstatement code from us now, but you don’t need to activate it immediately. You can activate it in 2020 or even later. The reinstatement will include 1 year plan and after that you can renew your license yearly as usual.

If your plan has expired, we strongly encourage you to order the reinstatement now since renewals are cheaper per year than rental subscriptions. To make the deal sweeter, Avid dropped the pricing for both Pro Tools and PT Ultimate renewals.

Mail or call us for details. Due to the circumstances we try to answer mails even during xmas holidays. The office will be open again 30.12. so we will process your order before 31.12.19.