Pro Tools HDX Changes Everything


Avid released today the all-new Pro Tools HDX hardware which will change the world of professional audio. 5 times processing power per card, 256 voices per card (768 voices on a 3 card system), 64ch I/O per card, 32-bit files, 64-bit mixer, 18 DSP chips plus FPGA per card, etc.

Simultaneously with Pro Tools HDX, Avid also released Pro Tools 10 HD software offering instant playback for all sessions thanks to loading the complete session in RAM, multiple file and track formats in a session, new AAX plug-ins, real-time fades, Clip Gain, completely new Audio Suite with handles and multiple simultaneous plug-ins, new free Channel Strip plug-in based on System 5 console, etc.

Check the videos below. This will change the way you work and will cost LESS than Pro Tools HD. Upgrades from existing HD systems are available. We’re in New York and will meet the guys behind HDX and Pro Tools 10 today. If you have any questions for them, drop us a mail.

We’re looking forward to show you HDX as soon as we get the first delivery in few weeks. Stay tuned.

Preorder now to be the first in line.

Pro Tools 10 HD

Pro Tools HDX features and videos