Pro Tools 7.3 Available

hd73_1206The big Xmas update is here. Pro Tools 7.3 software for HD, LE and M-Powered brings loads of customer feature requests with extremely cool new features that will make your life so much easier. On top of adding many 7.2 HD features to LE, 7.3 introduces vast improvements in MIDI, editing and user interface. Check out the short list below and rejoice.

Some of the new features:
– Add, remove, or copy inserts during playback
– Add, remove, or copy sends during playback
– Change I/O routing during playback
– Re-order tracks during playback
– Save 99 views aka screen sets
– DigiBase browser now displays plug-in settings
– Drag and drop plug-in settings from DigiBase
– Dynamic Transport without affecting selection
– Loop Trim tool turns region into a loop instantly
– Key Signature for automatic MIDI transposing
– Sibelius export/import with key changes
– Loop Preview and Auto Preview in DigiBase
– Hide All Open Floating Windows command
– Customizable memory locations
– Customizable Zoom Toggle for track view
– Continuously variable track height
– Two separate grid settings
– Dozens of new speedy right-click functions
– Micro and Fit To Window track views
– HD video frame rates
– Avid Interplay integration with Avid Unity (XP)
– Conform audio from field recorders
– Native support for Mac HFS+ disks on XP
– Avid Mojo SDI support (not yet on Intel Macs)

Contact us for pricing and availability. Be sure to read the details and watch the videos at the link below – it will bring a warm holiday season smile on your face.

Pro Tools 7.3 features