Pro Tools 2022.9 Out Now

Avid released today Pro Tools 2022.9 with many new features an bugfixes.

Aux I/O is a major new Pro Tools macOS feature that finally enables flexible routing of audio to and from Pro Tools to a variety of software and hardware simultaneously. With Aux I/O, you can collaborate and review mixes easily by playing Pro Tools audio over Zoom or other conferencing services. You can also route channels to and from the Dolby Atmos Renderer while simultaneously using Pro Tools | HDX Processing, and even record and monitor audio in Pro Tools from other apps.

– Pro Tools now tightly integrates Celemony Melodyne software via ARA 2 (Audio Random Access) for quick vocal tuning and creating harmonies, re-voicing instruments, fixing rhythm timing, and much more.

– SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition introduces workflow automation to perform complicated, click-heavy tasks in a single keystroke, button press, or shortcut. Whether bouncing stems, navigating plugins in large sessions, or triggering complex workflows, you save time and to stay in your creative flow.

Other new features in the Pro Tools 2022.9 release include quantize Toolbar controls in the Edit and MIDI Editor windows, X/Y sliders for fine-tuning timecode overlay position in the video window, increased marker count from 999 to 32,000, and lots more.

Pro Tools 2022.9 update is now available for all users on an active subscription, or with a current perpetual Software Updates + Support Plan.