Pro Tools 2022.12 With Apple Silicon Public Beta

The new Pro Tools 2022.12 includes several new features such as macOS Ventura qualification, support for a new Scripting SDK, numerous bug fixes and performance improvements. It also gives users the opportunity to run Pro Tools natively on Apple M1 and M2 processors as part of a public beta. Avid is working hard to deliver a fully-qualified release in early 2023 for customers on active subscriptions and support contracts. 

Since this is Beta, we don’t recommend to run it in native mode on Apple silicon yet. Following stuff does not yet work in the public beta version:
• AIR plugins and instruments currently bundled with Pro Tools
• Not all third-party plugins are supported yet
• Cloud Collaboration and Projects
• ICON, C24, and Command 8 control surface support will not be ported to Apple silicon
• X-Form Audio Suite and algorithm in Elastic Audio
• ReWire support
• MP3 Export (Bounce and Export Clips as Files)
• AAC Import
• Score Editor
• Chord Extraction
• Full qualification on all systems/configurations

If there is specific functionality you require that is not yet implemented in the Apple silicon mode, full functionality will still be available in the Intel mode when running under Rosetta 2.

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