Pro Tools 2019.10 Now Available

Pro Tools 2019.10 is now available offering new features and enhancements, mainly for post production workflows:

– 4K resolution & higher frame rates. Also higher frame rates on the timeline for precision editing to picture. Smoother H.264 video playback performance.

– Simplify Dolby Atmos “in the box” mixing—Reduce session complexity and eliminate tedious managing of delay compensation with improved “in-the-box” Dolby Atmos mixing via 130 Core Audio channels with the Dolby Audio Bridge.

– Bounce multi-mix WAV as a single file—Save time and reduce complexity of deliverables for audio post engineers by bouncing multiple mixes and stems, interleaved in a single WAV file.

– Pro Tools | Ultimate is now part of the Netflix Post Technology Alliance.

– Over 140 Stability Improvements