Pro Tools 12 Now Available

ProTools12_150323_300pxWith Pro Tools 12, Avid is changing the way it releases new software features and enhancements. Instead of individual upgrades, features will be released on an ongoing steady basis through the Avid upgrade plan, enabling all subscribers and perpetual license owners with an active plan to access the latest tools and improvements as soon as they’re available, without having to wait for the next big software release.

What’s New in Pro Tools 12?
– Improved session interchange
– Automatically eliminate bus build-up from session interchanges
– Unlimited busses
– Smart automatic down-mixing for the main monitor path
– Import the I/O setup directly from a session
– Improved ability to interrogate and compare previous inputs and outputs of the session
– Document everything with new rich metadata to easily manage and track projects and contributors
– Get software and plug-in updates in the new Application Manager, no need to visit a website
– Shop the in-app Marketplace to get the sounds you want—Search, browse, purchase, and/or rent plug-ins directly from within Pro Tools, without having to quit, install, and restart

Get the industry-standard DAW in more ways than ever:
– Subscription—Access Pro Tools only when needed through a low-cost monthly or annual subscription. All subscriptions include access to an Avid upgrade plan, providing the latest Pro Tools features and upgrades, plus Avid support. (Please note that subscription is not available for Pro Tools | HD software at this time.)
– Pro Tools software perpetual license—Purchase and own standalone Pro Tools software or upgrade/crossgrade to the latest version. All full software, upgrade, and crossgrade purchases now come with a one-year Avid annual upgrade plan, providing the latest Pro Tools features and upgrades, including Cloud Collaboration and other upcoming features, plus Avid support. Plans must be renewed annually to keep the software current.
– Pro Tools system perpetual license—Get Pro Tools software bundled with professional Avid audio hardware by purchasing a complete Pro Tools system such as Pro Tools | HD Native, Pro Tools | HDX, Pro Tools | Duet, Pro Tools | Eleven Rack, or Pro Tools | Mbox Pro. Some systems, such as Pro Tools | Duet and Quartet, include a one-year Avid annual upgrade plan, but others do not. For systems that do not, you can get access to the latest features and upgrades by purchasing a separate Avid annual upgrade plan.

All Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD 11 software sold without an annual upgrade plan (both stand-alone software and software bundled in a system) that gets activated starting January 22, 2015 will receive authorizations for versions 10, 11, and 12. Customers purchasing these products without an annual upgrade plan are eligible to purchase one separately through December 31, 2015.

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