Pro Tools 12.8.2 Now Available

Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD 12.8.2 will be shortly available on your Avid account. 12.8.2 includes not only bugfixes, but many new features based on user requests. New stuff includes many MIDI enhancements, new VR Audio capabilities, faster Dolby Atmos Workflow, better housekeeping features, etc.

– Change Grid and Nudge sizes and Pencil tool commands using keystrokes
– Record-enable, solo, and mute MIDI tracks right in the MIDI Editor
– View chord names and notes as you play them to ensure input accuracy
– Store and recall MIDI Editor lanes in window configurations
– Constrain MIDI clips to edit selections while using the Smart Tool
– Edit and mix audio in a 3D space for first-, second-, and third-order Ambisonics formats (HD only)
– Set up Pro Tools sessions in seconds based on the connected Dolby Atmos Renderer (HD only)
– Repurpose existing pan automation data to instantly generate height automation (HD only)
– With the new front/rear position knob link, you can control both parameters as one when writing panning automation from the Pro Tools or a control surface (HD only)
– Batch Rename lets you rename multiple tracks or clips in a variety of ways, including find and replace, adding prefixes and/or suffixes, and applying various numberings
– You can now collaborate and work on sessions created in Pro Tools or Pro Tools | HD by first converting them to a project format in Pro Tools | First (Pro Tools First)