PreMaster CD 3 out now

pmcd3_10.08Sonic Studio released the new version of their professional DDP compatible premastering application, PreMaster CD with native support for both Intel and PowerPC Macs.

PreMaster CD provides key premastering functionality not found in most digital audio workstations. PreMaster CD 3 has completely automatic, manual, and semiヨautomatic PQ generation, Smart Fade Tool and background CD writing, along with easy drag and drop resequencing. PMCD 3 also includes enhanced dither choices like iZotopeメs proprietary MBIT+ and Sonic Studioメs spectrally shaped TPDF redithering. Both psychoacousticallyヨoptimized redithering schemes offer different sonic モcolor,ヤ so you can match your redithering choice to your material.

If youメre tired of buggy software with lame PQ support, PreMaster delivers the features you need, with sound quality to match. It is the perfect companion to Pro Tools for serious DDP premastering.

PreMaster CD 3 details