Powerplay Doubles I/O Capacity of Studio A

Powerplay_2.10As a part of the big upgrade, Powerplay Studios doubled the analogue I/O capacity of studio A’s Pro Tools HD to 48 simultaneous ins and outs with two new 192 I/Os, each sporting an additional AD and DA card. The 192 I/Os were a special order with Extra Low Output Modification to complement the levels of Studio A’s classic SSL 4000 E/G+.

According to Studio Manager Gian A. Caprez, “We wanted to give our clients the freedom of using all inputs and outputs of our 48 channel SSL simultaneously. The flexibility offered by over 200 inputs in various formats of the four 192 I/Os also lets us interface our 2” Studer A800MK3 and 48-track Studer D820 DASH machines without a fuss.”

We were very happy to provide Powerplay the tailored solution, our only problem was that they refused to pay in U47s as we originally requested and forced us to take money instead. Check out the link for the refreshed look of Powerplay Studios.

Powerplay Studios