Audeze Headphones Now Available at SEC

We’re proud to announce Audeze Headphones are now part of our product catalogue.

Audeze is an industry leader in planar magnetic technology delivering uncompromised audio. The California-based high-end audio manufacturer delivers the most accurate sound reproduction available today.

“… when we’re talking about listening, it’s just so incredibly important that you notice every detail.”

– Johan Sheerer from Clouds Hill Recordings studio Hamburg –

Contact us now for a demo.

Get Free Pro Tools Ultimate With Carbon

When you purchase and register a new Pro Tools Carbon interface, you get Auto-Tune Hybrid, HEAT, a Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual license, and access to Pro Tools Inner Circle rewards for FREE – an amazing Fr. 5’000.- added value.

Order today, the special ends 15.9.21.

[UPDATE] The special is extended unil the end of 2021, be sure to order now to avoid missing the registration deadline! The system must be registered before 31.12.2021 in order to get the free Pro Tools Ultimate and other freebies.

Contact us for ordering and details.

Power Outage at SEC 18.8.

Today we will be cut off from the power and telephone at 15:30 and will not be easily reachable.

We’ll be back tomorrow.

Pro Tools 2021.6 – HUGE Update

Avid just announced the biggest update for Pro Tools in years, Pro Tools 2021.6. This truly revolutionary update doesn’t only bring the new Hybrid Engine with 2048 tracks for HDX but also tons of other new features.

– Feature Highlights:
– HDX Hybrid Engine with 2048 voices
– Increased I/O – 64ch through Core Audio
– M1 Support Via Rosetta 2
– Color Customisation
– Auto Delay Compensation on Side Chains
– H.265/HVEC Video Support
– Improvements to video engine
– Improvements to Bounce Mix window

Check out the new features here.

MTRX Studio Rocks Better With MOM

Got an AX32, MTRX or MTRX Studio or considering getting one? Check out the quick and information-filled video about hooking up DAD MOM to your MTRX Studio system. Jan from DAD goes through all the bells and whistles in just 5min. We love our MOM, in our opinion the full programmability makes MOM a must-have tool for any AX32, MTRX or MTRX Studio system.

You’re welcome to visit our showroom to check out all the gear in the video in real life. Contact us for a demo.

Hybrid Engine Coming Soon to Pro Tools

The biggest update to Pro Tools since AAX is about to hit the pro audio world soon. And it’s hyuuge!

The Hybrid Engine is coming to Pro Tools HDX in the next Pro Tools Ultimate release, unlocking new capabilities that bring more power and efficiency to your workflow. Hybrid DSP and native processing squeezes every ounce of performance out of your system, so everything feels faster and more responsive – no more bumping into DSP limits.

With the Hybrid Engine, a single HDX card can run big sessions smoothly, with up to 2,048 voices. You can move seamlessly between tracking, mixing, and VI production without the hassle of buffer settings and latency.

Read all about it here.

Dolby Atmos, Lossless Audio in Apple Music

Apple Music subscribers will be able to immerse in the Dolby Atmos music experience through Spatial Audio on Apple Music across a wide range of devices starting June 2021. 

Apple Music will also make its catalog of more than 75 million songs available in Lossless Audio. Apple uses ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) to preserve every single bit of the original audio file. Apple Music’s Lossless tier starts at CD quality 16 bit at 44.1 kHz, and goes up to 24 bit at 48 kHz and is playable natively on Apple devices. For the true audiophile, Apple Music also offers Hi-Resolution Lossless all the way up to 24 bit at 192 kHz.

The best bit? There’s no extra cost for Atmos or hi res audio, everything is included in the base price. Goodbye, Tidal and its snake oil MQA-coding…

DADman Now macOS Big Sur Compatible

DADman software for Avid MTRX and DAD AX32 and DX32 is now Big Sur compatible. v. is also working with macOS Catalina (10.15), Mojave (10.14), High Sierra (10.13), Sierra (10.12), El Capitan (10.11) and Yosemite (10.10). DADman does not support new M1-based Mac computers, but it will run seamlessly on any Intel-based Mac.

We don’t recommend using Big Sur yet but if you’re stuck with a new Mac with pre-installed macOS Big Sur, this is great news.

Kemper at SEC

We’re very happy to be able to provide you with Kemper’s revolutionary guitar and bass amps. Kemper’s profiling technology is already legendary and made a huge impact to the world of guitar amplification.

“The Kemper has been life-changing for me. I can’t even remember being this excited about a product” – Pat Metheny

“The sounds are completely true to life, matching faultlessly the models they are profiling, and unlike other amplifiers it is not subject to mic placement or level.” -Steve Winwood

SEC Carbon Genelec Bundles

Are you ready for the zero latency workflow of the big studios? If so, we created three
Carbon Genelec Bundles for you.

CGB-M: Pro Tools Carbon, Genelec 8331, Pro Tools CH Keyboard

This package gets you going with zero latency workflow and great nearfield monitors. We even throw in a Swiss Pro Tools Keyboard.

List Fr. 9’406.- Bundle Special Fr. 8’199.-


CGB-L with additional Pro Tools S1 Controller

CGB-L offers everything from CGB-M plus Avid S1 controller for tactile, multi fader mixing experience.

List Fr. 10’855.- Bundle Special Fr. 9’499.-


CGB-XL complete with Pro Tools Dock

On top of everything from L, CGB-XL adds an Avid Pro Tools Dock for super fast session control and workflows.

List Fr. 11’954.- Bundle Special Fr. 10’399.-

Only while supplies last so order now! Questions? Give us a ring.