SEC Avid ACSR Certifications Update

In order to offer the best possible Avid support, we get trained every year by Avid. This is not easy or cheap – we have to find the time and actually have to pay for the courses – but we think it’s necessary to be able to offer the best possible support for you, the customer.

We’re happy to announce that Marc just became an Avid Pro Tools ACSR (Avid Certified Service Representative) after concluding the PT400 ACSR course and exam. Marc is also Avid Certified Pro Tools 100-level user. Tarmo just refreshed his ACSR certificate to the latest Pro Tools version. He is also Pro Tools 200-level Pro Tools Post Operator. Our Pro Tools instructor Alex is certified as Pro Tools 300-level Expert, S6 Expert and Pro Tools ACSR as well.

So if you have questions, we have Avid-certified answers.

We’ll be back 5.1.21

We’ll take a short holiday break and will be back 5.1.21.

Stay safe and healthy, talk soon!

Happy Holidays!


A big Thank You for all customers, suppliers and friends for 2020! It was a weird year but we were lucky and managed to work almost normally after the shock of the first lockdown. For many of our customers 2020 was simply catastrophic and we sincerely hope that things will get better soon. When this is over, people definitely want to see gigs and get together so we’re hoping for a big bounce back in 2021!

Instead of spending thousands on postcards or fancy gifts, we rather donate the money to kids in need around the world, supporting small local projects run by people that we know and trust:

Streetkids project in Ghana – Chance For Children

Ecological village development in Bolivia – Pro Huancarani

Schooling and supporting kids in India – GandhiCare

Check out the projects and consider donation. They got hit way harder with the virus than we. Already a small amount can make a big difference in the life of the unprivileged kids so help us to help!

Pro Tools Carbon Webinar 24.11. 18:00

Deep-dive into the new Pro Tools Carbon hybrid audio production system this Thursday and see how it removes creative barriers to bring out your best performance.

In the webinar, hosted by Simon Sherbourne and Oskar Sadle, Audio Application Specialists at Avid, you will have the opportunity to:

 – Learn everything you need to know about Avid’s newest high-performance interface
 – Discover the power of intelligent Pro Tools integration and the hybrid engine
 – Hear from Avid Product Experts and get your questions answered in a live Q&A

Register now to secure your spot, Thu. 24.11., 18:00 CET.

Goodbye Latency – Welcome Pro Tools Carbon

Pro Tools Carbon is a hybrid audio production system that features incredible sound quality and combines the power of your native CPU with onboard HDX DSP acceleration. So you can push your computer to the limit when you mix and record through AAX DSP plugins with sub-1ms latency monitoring. All at the touch of a button. No 3rd party I/O mixers. No compatibility issues. No messy workarounds. All in Pro Tools.

With a custom-designed FPGA and eight HDX DSPs, Carbon is a powerhouse. The FPGA routes audio blazingly fast—one sample at a time—with near-zero latency, while the HDX DSPs handle real-time plugin processing, performing at an amazing 22.4 billion operations per second. So, no matter how big your session gets, or how many plugins you use in it, you can always record with sub-1 ms latency monitoring. And it frees up your CPU cores for virtual instruments and more creative mixing.

With a padless design, incredible 126 dB dynamic range, and support for 32-bit/192 kHz audio conversion, Carbon features the most pristine mic preamps Avid has ever made. And with Variable Z built in, you can adjust input impedance to optimize or alter the tone of any microphone or instrument—from dynamic and ribbon mics, to guitar and bass.

With 25 x 34 simultaneous I/O, Carbon is ready to record any session—from solo artists to full bands. Eight pristine preamps, four headphone outputs with 4 separate headphone mixes, and 16 channels of ADAT I/O open up creative possibilities for miking, cue mixing, and expansion.

Carbon connects to your computer over Ethernet. Based on AVB, our version of this high- bandwidth, low-latency connection streams audio to your host system at 32-bit float precision— the first in the industry. That means you’ll always have plenty of headroom throughout the system to optimize the sound quality and dynamics of your mix. And it primes Carbon for additional enhancements in the future.

Contact us for details, pricing and availability.

New Pro Tools 2020.11

Today Avid unveiled the latest version of Pro Tools, 2020.11. Many new features are now available, like:

 – Dark Theme for those evening sesions
 – Audio-To-MIDI tranforms audio to MIDI notes
 – Space Clips for easy clip distribution on the timeline
 – ADM file import and export for Dolby Atmos
 – Bounce to Quicktime is back for MOV, MP4, M4v and M4a files
 – Compatibility with Pro Tools Carbon

Check the release notes for more info.

New Eucon 2020.11.

Avid released today new 2020.11 version of Eucon for S1, S3, S4, S6 and Avid Dock controllers. The new version includes bug fixes and many new features like:

– Folder Track Spill
– EQ/DYN plug-in cycling
– Automation writing visual feedback on S4/S6 displays
– Avid Control Desktop which shows 8-32 hi-res meters, EQ/DYN/PAN graphs, automation feedback and other data for Avid S1/S3 control surfaces on your Mac’s or PC’s display



The Empire Strikes Back – 12.11.20, 19:00 CET

Avid will have a BIG announcement on Thursday, 12.11.20, 19:00 Central European Time.

Something which will have a huge impact on how audio engineers, musicians and producers will work in the future.

Something we’ve been dreaming of.

It’s so cool.

Click this link 12.11. 19:00.

New Waves V12

Waves introduces a major update to Waves plug-ins, offering loads of super practical enhancements to make you work easier and faster.

To update earlier plugins to Waves V12, you will need to be covered by the WUP Waves Update Plan (contact us for an update). In addition to receiving all plugin updates during the coverage period, you will also receive these V12 benefits:

– Resize plug-in with 5 adjustable sizes
– Fast, searchable pre set browser 
– Retina graphics and optimized GPU performance on Macs with retina displays
– Free plug-ins added to Platinum, Diamond, and Horizon owners get LoAir, Smack Attack, Submarine
– 2nd license for your plug-ins(!) for the duration of the WUP plan coverage

Why Trinnov – Sal Oliveri Explains

A long time Trinnov user, Sal Oliveri (Pink, Billy Joel, Carrie Underwood) goes deep into his use of the ST2 Pro and how it has affected his monitoring chain for the better.

“It’s maybe the best investment I made because it impacts every single decision … Now I’m not questioning or guessing.”

Check Sal’s video here and discover also insights form other Trinnov users here.