New Sonnox Drum Gate

Sonnox Oxford Drum Gate is a completely new kind of smart gate with intelligent drum-hit detection algorithms. First, the Plug-In detects hits with tailor-made transient detection. Then, you simply decide which ones to keep. You can also re-level drum hits and even turn them into MIDI notes. We had a chance to have a quick check of the beta version recently and it’s truly remarkable, it can save lots of time and nerves, definitely worth a try!


– Precise transient detection and intelligent drum-type matching to effortlessly separate the hits you want to keep from the spill you don’t.

– Create custom drum profiles to isolate unusual drum types or fix the occasional kick, snare, or tom mismatch.

– Decay curve which adapts to the velocity of each drum hit, giving you consistent spill reduction on dynamic performances.

– Spectral decay editor lets you preserve the resonance, ring, or rattle of each drum hit while quickly clamping down on the spill.

– The leveller’s dual target and amount controls let you improve level consistency without losing the contrast between loud hits and soft ghost notes.

– Real-time MIDI output and MIDI file capture, for accurately triggering drum samples.

SEC – home of the 🇨🇭 Swiss Wall Of Sound. Contact us to hear it in action.

Kii Audio Chooses SEC as Swiss Pro Audio Partner

We’re proud and happy to announce that Kii Audio has chosen SEC as their Swiss Pro Audio Partner. The Kii Three is a revolutionary speaker design which fits perfectly in our Swiss Wall Of Sound, the definitive collection of professional studio monitors in Switzerland.

“The Kii Three is one of the finest speakers I’ve ever heard and undoubtedly the best I’ve ever had the privilege and pleasure of using in my own home.”Sound On Sound

Contact us for a demo, you must hear the Kii Threes before you purchase new monitors.

New iZotope Ozone 9

iZotope unveiled new Ozone 9 mastering suite with loads of new and updated features:

– Master Rebalance
– Low-End Focus
– Improved Tonal Balance Control
– Expanded Master Assistant
– Match EQ module
– Vintage Modules
– Updated User Interface and Experience
– Native Instruments NKS Support
– Improved Performance 
– Component plug-ins

Contact us to buy Ozone 9 or to upgrade your existing license.

Don’t Upgrade to macOS Catalina yet

It’s always a good to use a dedicated computer to for your professional work and run it on a bit older OS. This year the changes in under the hood of macOS Catalina 10.15 are particularly massive and we have been warned by many manufacturers not to upgrade to Catalina yet.

We still recommend macOS Sierra 10.12 for Pro Tools users because it runs very stable and uses the old HFS file system. High Sierra introduced the new APFS file system which can lead to problems with real-time applications when you mix HFS and APFS volumes. macOS Mojave 10.14 is pretty stable as well but you need to update all your drives to AFPS to avoid issues.

Stay tuned for updates in the coming months, it can take a while until everything is smooth with Catalina.

New Argosy Eclipse Gen. 4

Argosy unveiled their new, 4th generation of Argosy Eclipse Series, the most acoustically transparent furniture solution. A perfect match for Avid S6 and the new Avid S4, Eclipse G4 features notable upgrades like matte fingerprint resistant finish, new vented access panels in the back of the racks, and improved modularity for greater flexibility.

Take look at the details and contact us, the Swiss Argosy partner for a perfect system for your studio.

Meet SEC at IBC

It’s Amsterdam time in the world of broadcast audio and video and we’ll be there as usual.

Give us a ring or drop a mail to meet at IBC, little birds told us there will be some very cool new products coming out this year.

The coffee and Heineken are on us!

New Warm Audio TB12 Tone Beast Black

With TB12 Tone Beast Black Warm Audio’s goal was to make a microphone preamplifier affordable and jam packed full of options, without compromising the quality and design parameters.

The Tone Beast Black is a mic pre that will colorize your signal ever so sweetly. The unique character of each of the two built-in opamps and two output transformers become apparent when pushed hard. 

Flexible routing with front and back XLR inputs with selectable impedance, front Hi-Z input, balanced line ins and outs and TRS inserts in the back make it easy to integrate TB12 to your studio.

Check out the getting started video and in the mix with Joe Carell video for more info.

DADman now macOS Mojave Compatible

The DADman software version 5.3.4 for DAD AX32, DX32 and Avid MTRX now adds macOS Mojave compatibility.

Make sure to also update your AX32 firmware to version, which gives you the ability to navigate your connected devices much faster and more easily by adding custom names to external MADI, Dante and SDI interfaces.

More info and downloads here.

Office Closed 1-2.8.

Our offices are closed due to bank holiday 1-2.8.