Genelec 45 – The Ones World Tour at SEC

We’re excited to host Genelec’s 45y world tour featuring the complete The Ones series in our Uznach showroom, Thursday 4. May.

Eric Horstmann, Europe’s Immersive Audio Guru (NZZ interview) will show you The Ones series 3-way coax design’s advantages and also lead an immersive Audio workshop. For this event we’ll upgrade our Genelec Atmos system with GLM-optimised 8351, 8331, 8330 and 7380 models.

On top of the Genelec-related infos, you have also a chance to pick the brains of Roman Weber (Avid), Richard Addis (Dolby) and Jan Lykke (DAD). They are looking forward to answer your questions about their new products introduced in NAMM, and feedback from Swiss audio professionals.

Beyond the Genelec The Ones Tour we also offer an Atmos Workshop with Eric, exclusively for our customers. If you want to participate already in the afternoon, please send us a message. In any case register through the main link below as well, so that we have enough drinks and food!

14:00 – Doors
14:30 – Dolby Atmos Workshop Group A
16:00 – Dolby Atmos Workshop Group B
17:30 – Doors for The Ones Tour
21:00 – End

The event is free of charge, register now! May the Fourth be with you!

[Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances Jan Lykke can’t join us at the event.]

New MTRX Thunderbolt 3

Avid unveiled the new Thunderbolt 3 module for MTRX II and MTRX Studio. And before you ask, yes, your existing MTRX Studio can be upgraded to TB3 connectivity with a simple 15-min upgrade.

The new MTRX Thunderbolt 3 Module brings efficient Native connectivity to both Mac and PC. For systems that already have a DigiLink connection, Thunderbolt 3 opens up new workflows. You can route from Pro Tools HDX to another DAW over the Thunderbolt connection, compose in one DAW and record to Pro Tools. Or route audio directly to the Dolby Atmos Renderer through your Thunderbolt connection while maintaining full use of your HDX DSP cores. Channel count over TB3 is 256ch with MTRX II and 64ch with MTRX Studio.

While DSP-based HDX continues to provide the lowest latency possible, TB3 provides the fastest native connection for audio workstations or mobile workflows. Here at SEC we’re really looking forward to test the TB3 module to find out if the latency is low enough to go through Pro Tools to headphones without issues. Little birds told us that this should be possible. This would revolutionise multichannel music workflows because you could do everything incl. headphone mixes with FX inserts directly in Pro Tools without DigiLink on a fast Apple Silicon machine. For post production DigiLink is still the king due to frame-edge sync capability with SYNC X.

The TB3 module is sold separately so be sure to mention it when you order a new MTRX II or MTRX Studio.

Contact us for pricing and availability.


The new MTRX II builds on the versatility of MTRX, with greater I/O, routing, and monitoring flexibility. It’s a single interface that enables you to replace multiple devices, connect anything to everything, and tune any room in your facility to get the best sound possible.

MTRX II offers 64 channels of built-in DigiLink I/O, 256 Dante channels, and 64 MADI channels, plus eight option card slots and a Thunderbolt 3 option slot in a single interface with impeccably clean, transparent, and highly detailed AD/DA conversion.

Monitoring features include integrated SPQ Speaker Processing, DADman Pro | Mon monitor control, and a 512 x 64 summing mixer for full Dolby Atmos theatrical monitoring. With MTRX II you can Route, split, and patch audio across multiple devices and rooms in your facility with the massive 4,096 x 4,096 matrix router. You can also work with multiple DAWs, connect to Pro Tools | HDX and/or a Mac or PC, route audio over IP with Dante, and add and reconfigure I/O as needed, enabling new creative possibilities.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

Trinnov NOVA – The New Studio Essential

Trinnov unveiled today their new, more affordable room optimisation system, NOVA. Trinnov’s room optimizer technology is arguably the most efficient supercharger for your mixes. With its softer price tag, NOVA makes this essential technology more accessible to music makers.

NOVA features brand new, fast & fanless(!) ARM-based processing, 192kHz/24bit, 64 bit floating point architecture and plenty of I/O options and even bass management and optimisation expandability to up to 5.1 systems. It comes with Ethernet Dante, ADAT, SPDIF, AES and analog connectivity and a new iOS, Mac OS and Windows application. The nw 3D mic uses phantom power (no batteries anymore) and internal memory to store the mic calibration file for faster and easier room calibration.

Especially in conjunction with Trinnov La Remote, NOVA offers also nifty functionality as a monitor controller.

Trinnov’s patented room optimisation technology is the best on the planet, used from Netflix to big Hollywood studios, to broadcasters like SRF, RTS and RSI, and already at over hundred studios in Switzerland. Considering that NOVA makes the killer sound affordable for even project studios, we expect a long queues and limited availability so order yours now!

Contact us for pricing and availability.

New DAD AX Center

The new DAD AX Center is the new sweet-spot Thunderbolt audio interface that combines the best features of Core 256 and the flagship AX64. AX Center includes all the I/O and features of Core 265 (Thunderbolt 3, 256ch Dante, 64ch MADI, 2 x ADAT/SPDIF, 128ch SPQ, PRO|MON software) and adds two front panel Mic/Instrument/Line inputs as well as 2 headphone and 4 monitor outputs for total 8ch of D/A. The total round-trip latency with an audio software application will depend on the buffer size set for the application. With a  buffer size of 32 samples, the latency is 670 microseconds at 96 kHz. This thing is fast.

The real kicker is the possibility to install 2 AX32/64 compatible slot cards, enabling you to expand it with more analogue I/O, AES/EBU, SDI, 128ch MADI Optical or Coax, another 256ch of Dante with SRC, etc. You could for example add a 8ch Mic/Line card for total 10 analogue inputs and a 8ch D/A card for a full 7.1.4 Atmos monitoring, all with arguably the best AD/DA quality in the known universe. And if you need more I/O capacity and flexibility in the future, you can daisy-chain multiple units through Thunderbolt and control all units with DAD|MAN like they were one giant I/O.

Availability is extremely limited due to the continuing semiconductor shortage so drop your order now to be in the front of the cue. Contact us for pricing and details.

Pro Tools 2023.3 With Full Apple Silicon Support

The new Pro Tools 2023.3 will bring full native Apple silicon support for a big speed increase, launch the new Pro Tools | Sonic Drop content program, deliver the new Pro Tools | PlayCell virtual instrument, and more, including numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.

Pro Tools 2023.3 is an universal binary, running either natively or under Rosetta 2 on M1 and M2 Macs. Please note that some 3rd party plug-ins are not yet Apple silicon compatible (list here). D-Control, D-Command, C24 and Command 8 are not supported in Apple silicon native mode but do still run under Rosetta 2. OS compatibility info here.

Pro Tools 2023.3 is available for all Pro Tools customers on an active subscription or perpetual license with current a Software Updates + Support Plan, as well as all Pro Tools Intro users. Contact us for an upgrade if your don’t have an active plan or subscription.

Save The Date 4.5.23 – Genelec World Tour

We’re exited to host the Swiss date on Genelec’s 45y world tour featuring the complete The Ones series.

Eric Horstmann, the European Immersive Audio Guru will show you The Ones series 3-way coax design’s advantages to the soundfield and lead an Immersive Audio workshop.

For this occasion we will install a massive Atmos upgrade to our existing Genelec Atmos system. Stay tuned for more details and additional brands, save the date now and register here!

May the Fourth be with you!

EUCON 2022.12 Available

New EUCON version 2022.12 is now available. This release introduces several new features, including:

  • Plugin copy and paste, enabling you to easily copy plugin data between plugins
  • Custom Knob improvements with new primary and secondary knobs for all controls
  • Enhancements to Avid S1 Soft Keys, new S4/S6 automation, and more

To download the EUCON 2022.12 update, visit your Avid Account or Avid Link. For more details about what’s new, check out Avid’s blog.

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