Pro Tools Ultimate 1-year Subscription 50% Off

For a limited time, you can now get a new 1-year subscription to Pro Tools | Ultimate at 50% discount when you pay upfront. The special ends 26.3.21 so contact us asap if you are interested in the big savings.

Please note that this special does not apply to renewals of perpetual licenses, it covers only new subscriptions. Contact us for details.

Sound Anchors Now Available at SEC

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been chosen by Sound Anchors as their Swiss partner. Sound Anchors is a small firm with one simple goal: to provide the best stands and mounts possible.

Known for their custom stands for many professional speaker models, Sound Anchors is the choice for the demanding customer.

Contact us for more info.

Why Trinnov?

In this video Trinnov’s Ashley Shepherd explains why digital room correction is important and why using a Trinnov processor in your monitoring chain can change everything, for the better!

Check also the tutorial for ST2 Pro set up and first calibration. Ashley digs even deeper in Trinnov’s magic in this video.

Contact us for a demo in our showroom to hear Trinnov yourself with soffit-mounted Genelec 1038A main monitors and various speakers on the meter bridge. It is truly amazing, a system which saves you time, money and nerves. And it takes your mixes to the next level. 

SOS Tests Pro Tools Carbon

Renowned Pro Audio magazine Sound On Sound recently reviewed the new Avid Pro Tools Carbon system, giving it firm thumbs up.

“Avid have returned to the project‑studio interface market with a beautifully realised and genuinely innovative product. Pro Tools | Carbon sounds great and introduces an elegant solution to the age‑old problem of latency. It’s the first hybrid system I’ve encountered that doesn’t feel like a compromise.”

Read the whole article here and contact us for questions and ordering.

The Most Important Part of Your Studio Setup

You can have nice mics, nice mic pres, nice ADCs, nice DACs, nice outboard, nice coffee machine and everything else in the electronic realm to make your stuff sound better. But nothing makes much sense if you don’t hear accurately what you are doing.

Marc Daniel Nelson shares our opinion. The two most important things in your studio are monitors and acoustics. Let us know when you are ready to take your studio to the next level with our expertise and gear. In the mean time, check out Marc’s journey to achieve the best sound he can get.

Genelec Wins TEC Award With W371A SAM Woofer System

Congratulations to Genelec for winning 2021 TEC Award for Technical Achievement in Studio Monitor Category!

The two dual drivers-packing W371A SAM Woofer System seamlessly compliments Genelec’s 8341, 8351 and 8361 models to create full-range monitoring solutions with unrivalled neutrality and supreme control of directivity. If you thought you know the “Genelec Sound” of the previous models, it’s time to check out the new One-series with W371As.

Come and hear the W371A yourself with the complete range of Genelec One-series Studio Monitors and GLM calibration system in our showroom. Drop us a mail or give us a ring for a demo date.

Trinnov Introduction Webinar

What the heck is this Trinnov-thingie everybody keeps talking about? If you’re interested in better mixes and getting your room’s acoustics a big upgrade, this webinar is for you. 

The “Introduction to Trinnov” webinar will be on Feb. 4th, 2021 at 5:00 PM CET. The purpose of this webinar is to give you an overview of the history of Trinnov, a background to Trinnov’s technical research and a product overview. Duration: up to 2 hours. Location: Online. If you are unable to attend you will receive a link to watch the recording within 48 hours of the webinar. Register here.

SEC Goes Telefunken

We’re happy to announce that we now offer Telefunken microphones. Telefunken is one of the most legendary names in microphones with a very long history.

Nowadays manufactured in USA, Telefunken offers perfect handmade replicas of the original classics as well as many modern and more affordable designs.

SEC Avid ACSR Certifications Update

In order to offer the best possible Avid support, we get trained every year by Avid. This is not easy or cheap – we have to find the time and actually have to pay for the courses – but we think it’s necessary to be able to offer the best possible support for you, the customer.

We’re happy to announce that Marc just became an Avid Pro Tools ACSR (Avid Certified Service Representative) after concluding the PT400 ACSR course and exam. Marc is also Avid Certified Pro Tools 100-level user. Tarmo just refreshed his ACSR certificate to the latest Pro Tools version. He is also Pro Tools 200-level Pro Tools Post Operator. Our Pro Tools instructor Alex is certified as Pro Tools 300-level Expert, S6 Expert and Pro Tools ACSR as well.

So if you have questions, we have Avid-certified answers.

We’ll be back 5.1.21

We’ll take a short holiday break and will be back 5.1.21.

Stay safe and healthy, talk soon!