Why Trinnov – Sal Oliveri Explains

A long time Trinnov user, Sal Oliveri (Pink, Billy Joel, Carrie Underwood) goes deep into his use of the ST2 Pro and how it has affected his monitoring chain for the better.

“It’s maybe the best investment I made because it impacts every single decision … Now I’m not questioning or guessing.”

Check Sal’s video here and discover also insights form other Trinnov users here.

Pro Tools 200P Level Training 9-13.11.

After lots of requests, we now offer Pro Tools 200-level Avid Certified Operator courses. This training is intensive, even deeper dig in the Pro Tools engine and workflows. A must for anyone working professionally in a Pro Tools-based post production studio. To be able to attend 200-level you must have done 100-level training.

Pro Tools 201P (2 days) & 210P (3 days) 9-13.11. at SEC Showroom, Uznach.

Price: Fr. 1’995.- (total 5 days) incl. course material.

Early Bird Special: Book before 15.10. and pay only Fr. 1’695.-!

Instructor is Alexander Saacks – Avid Certified 310-level Pro Tools Expert, Instructor and Support Representative. Courses, books and the certification exams are in English. Due to the intensive courseware, we keep the groups very small so book now to guarantee your seat.

Pro Tools 100 Level Training 19-23.10. [update – Crazy Times Special]

 Take your Pro Tools skills to the next level with the only official Avid courses in Switzerland. These courses are immensely valuable to speed up your workflows and learn Pro Tools in depth. We have had dozens of long-time Pro Tools users doing the courses who told us they learned tons of things in few days they didn’t even know that existed. 

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we weren’t able to offer any courses lately. We’re glad to announce that we’ll do courses again on the following dates.

Pro Tools 101 (2 days) & 110 (3 days) 19-23.10. at SEC Showroom, Uznach.

Price: Fr. 1’495.- (total 5 days) incl. course material.

Crazy Times Special: Book now and pay only Fr. 1’295.-!

Instructor is Alexander Saacks – Avid Certified 310-level Pro Tools Expert, Instructor and Support Representative. Courses, books and the certification exams are in English. Due to the intensive courseware, we keep the groups very small so book now to guarantee your seat.

PureMix Mixing Contest – Win a Trinnov ST2 Pro & 3D Mic

Here’s a chance to practice your mixing skills and beat your peers by attending the PureMix Mixing Contest sponsored by Trinnov. The track to mix is “Pure Luxury” by NZCA Lines.

This is a challenge to put you in the shoes of a pro mixer with deadlines and external pressure. Submit your mix by 28. September, 2020 and you might win a Trinnov ST2 Pro and the Trinnov 3D Calibration Microphone – a perfect package to fix your room acoustics, worth over Fr. 5’000.-!

By the way, the landing page says “US, Canada and EU only” but we checked with Trinnov and the contest is indeed valid in Switzerland as well. 🇨🇭😉

You can listen to other people’s mixes and participate to the contest here. Have fun!

New Pro Tools 2020.9 Update Available

Pro Tools 2020.9 is now available to all Pro Tools users with a current Pro Tools Update & Support Plan. Contact us if you need to refresh your plan.

This release delivers several new features and improvements including integrated support for Ableton Link, support for SDII and BW64 filetypes, and a new preference to latch or cancel record enabled tracks. For Pro Tools First users, it also delivers support for macOS Catalina. For more information please review the Release Notes.

Please note that 2020.9 has a voice count limitation bug and we don’t recommend installing it if the new features are not crucial to your workflow. A bug fix should be available soon.

iZotope Music Production Suite 3 With Free Upgrade to MPS4

Now’s the time to get the incredible iZotope Music Production Suite 3 with 40% discount and free upgrade to MPS4 when it becomes available soon.

Already without the massive extra discount MPS offers incredible value since it includes a package of highly regarded professional plugs that would cost over 2’500.- when purchased separately. Included is Ozone 9 Advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced, Tonal Balance Control 2, RX 7 Standard, VocalSynth 2, Nectar 3, Relay, Breath Control and Melodyne essential, Visual Mixer, Insight 2, R4 and Nimbus by Exponential Audio and 1 year of Groove3 Video Training.

Music Production Suite 3 list price Fr. 999.-, now 599.-.

If you already on iZotope plugs, several upgrade possibilities are also available, contact us for details. This special is available until. 30.9.20.

Warm Audio Blowout Sale

It’s hot outside today so this the perfect time to get some Warm(th) also in you your studio’s signal chain at unbeatable prices.

Warm Audio’s price/performance ratio is great already normally but this offer makes it even easier for you get those classic studio sounds at a minimal budget.

Offer is valid only as long as stock lasts and many models were sold out already so order now to secure your deals: 

WA-2A Tube Opto compressor  –  List Price 1’099.-   Now 829.-
WA-251 Large Diaphragm Tube Mic  –  List Price 989.-   Now 849.-
WA-412 4-Channel Pre Amp  –  List Price 1’710.-   Now 1’099.-
WA-73 1-Channel British Mic Pre Amp  –  List Price 749.-   Now 589.-
WA76 1176 style Discrete FET compressor  –  List Price 749.-   Now 499.-
WA-87 Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic  –  List Price 729.-   Now 599.-
EQP-WA Pultec style Tube EQ  –  List Price 819.-   Now 649.-

More cool (and Warm) specials on our Specials page.

Barefoot Footprint02 now Available

The Barefoot Footprint02 is here and it’s as astonishing performer for its size and price as its bigger sister, Footprint01. Here’s a nifty comparison of both models.

Footprint01 and 02 sound extremely similar, with fast transients and super dry and powerful Barefoot low end. Perfect for modern productions where you need to hear the kick and bass clearly to get the max punch to your mixes.

Frequency response of Footprint02 comes surprisingly close to its larger sibling, offering 42Hz-45kHz (±3dB) compared to 36Hz-45kHz (±3dB) of Footprint01 so it definitely can fill a home studio control room and works great as a nearfield in a commercial facility.

Come over and hear both at SEC Showroom. Book a demo date and hear also Barefoot MM45, MM27Gen2, MM26 and MM12 and compare them to dozens of pro monitors from other manufacturers.

Financial Corona Compensation

Many of you, our customers, are independent composers, musicians, producers, studios, etc. and the Covid 19 situation has been an incredible hit to your business. Please note that you can apply for compensation herehere and here, depending on what you do. Here’s a quick overview from SMECA to help finding out the correct help program for you. Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.

We hope this helps at least a little bit to get through these crazy times. This too shall pass, stay healthy!

New Pro Tools 20.3 Now Available

The new Pro Tools 20.3’s main new feature is folder tracks. Folder tracks can perform a simple organizational function or can be part of your session routing infrastructure. Basic Folder Tracks are simply for organizational purposes and allow you to quickly collapse your tracks and tidy them out of the way. Routing Folders combine the organizational aspect of a Basic Folder with the ability to route audio through the folder as you would an Aux Input. Surf over to Avid Blogs for quick videos about Folder Tracks for both music and post production.

Pro Tools 20.3 also brings support for the new Mac Pro and deeper macOS Catalina (10.15.3) compatibility. It also runs on macOS macOS Mojave (10.14.6), and High Sierra (10.13.6) as well as Windows 10 64-bit build 1909. Check these links for Release Notes and System Requirements. Contact us if you have any questions.