SEC at NAMM 2020

It’s time to face the California sun and find out what pro audio manufacturers have up their sleeves for 2020.

Little birds told us that major brands like Avid have hot news coming up so we’ll be there to find out what the buzz is all about.

If you’re heading to NAMM as well, drop us a mail or give us a ring, the beer is on us!

Pro Tools Reinstatements Ending 31.12.19

From 1.1. 20, on Avid will no longer offer reinstatements to reactivate an annual upgrade and support plan for Pro Tools or Pro Tools Ultimate. If your plan is currently active, everything is fine and you can still renew it through us every year.

But if your plan has expired, we unfortunately can not order a reinstatement for you after 1.1.2020. This means that if you don’t reinstate an expired plan before 31.12.19, Avid will force you to change to a rental subscription model. This means that you lose your perpetual license in the process.

Please note that you can buy the reinstatement code from us now, but you don’t need to activate it immediately. You can activate it in 2020 or even later. The reinstatement will include 1 year plan and after that you can renew your license yearly as usual.

If your plan has expired, we strongly encourage you to order the reinstatement now since renewals are cheaper per year than rental subscriptions. To make the deal sweeter, Avid dropped the pricing for both Pro Tools and PT Ultimate renewals.

Mail or call us for details. Due to the circumstances we try to answer mails even during xmas holidays. The office will be open again 30.12. so we will process your order before 31.12.19.

Pro Tools 2019.12 Adds Catalina Support

Today’s release of Pro Tools 2019.12 adds initial support for macOS Catalina. Please note however that at this time support extends to audio-only workflows and some video workflows. Because Apple has transitioned to a fully 64-bit architecture with macOS Catalina, which affects Pro Tools’ interaction with certain video file types, Avid is not yet able to deliver full macOS Catalina support for all video workflows.

Before updating to macOS Catalina, please visit Avid’s compatibility page as well as our dedicated Pro Tools macOS Catalina support page to ensure that your system and your workflow is fully supported.

We do not recommend upgrading to Catalina at this point. This upgrade makes only sense if you ordered a new Mac Pro 7,1 or Mac Book Pro 16″ and you can only run it under Catalina.

Happy Holidays!

A big Thank You for all customers, suppliers and friends for a great 2019!

Instead of spending thousands on postcards or fancy gifts, we rather donate the money to kids in need around the world, supporting small local projects run by people that we know and trust:

Streetkids project in Ghana – Chance For Children

Ecological village development in Bolivia – Pro Huancarani

Schooling and supporting kids in India – GandhiCare

Check out the projects and consider donation. Already a small amount can make a big difference in the life of the unprivileged kids so help us to help!

New Argosy Eclipse for Avid S4

Now you have several stylish options to choose from Argosy’s new Eclipse for Avid S4 line. Eclipse offers different widths to accommodate your shiny new S4 with soft bolster, desktop surfaces or desktop racks with easy access to the back, integrated cabling channels, rail-mounted speaker stands, display arms, mahogany trim options, etc.

Contact us for an offer for your dream configuration. And yes, we’re also more than happy to provide the actual Avid S4 as well!

Barefoot Black Friday Special

We kick off the Black Friday Sale with 10% discount on all Barefoot models until 13.12. 

Welcome to our showroom to choose yours and discover why Skrillex, P. Diddy, Tony Visconti, Chris Lord-Alge and other top artists, engineers and producers trust Barefoots.

We have MiniMain12, MicroMain26, MicroMain27Gen2, MicroMain45 and Footprint01 ready for your ears and beats. 

Contact us to book a demo in our showroom and for ordering.

New iZotope Dialogue Match

It’s very rare that a plug-in can recreate complete workflows in one tiny package. iZotope Dialogue Match is one of those things. Check out the video, this is a game changer.

Traditionally, the process of matching audio clips recorded in different environments or captured using different microphones required hours of EQ tweaking and reverb crafting – until now. With the ability to instantly learn and transfer reverb, EQ, and ambience content between audio files, Dialogue Match helps maintain a sense of space and atmosphere between your scenes and keep your audience in the moment.

Contact us for introductory pricing

Pro Tools 2019.10 Now Available

Pro Tools 2019.10 is now available offering new features and enhancements, mainly for post production workflows:

– 4K resolution & higher frame rates. Also higher frame rates on the timeline for precision editing to picture. Smoother H.264 video playback performance.

– Simplify Dolby Atmos “in the box” mixing—Reduce session complexity and eliminate tedious managing of delay compensation with improved “in-the-box” Dolby Atmos mixing via 130 Core Audio channels with the Dolby Audio Bridge.

– Bounce multi-mix WAV as a single file—Save time and reduce complexity of deliverables for audio post engineers by bouncing multiple mixes and stems, interleaved in a single WAV file.

– Pro Tools | Ultimate is now part of the Netflix Post Technology Alliance.

– Over 140 Stability Improvements

Avid S1 Now Available for Pre-Order

Avid’s hot new compact controller S1 is finally available for pre-order.

Especially when combined with Avid Dock, the new S1 offers fast and modern workflows with all major DAWs and video editors.

This baby will be a hit so be sure to be the first one on the block with the latest and greatest and contact us now for your pre-order, pricing and availability.

New Pro Tools Coming Soon With 4K Video, Deeper Dolby Atmos and Netflix Support

This week at AES 2019 NYC, Avid is previewing the next update of Pro Tools 2019, featuring some new, coming-soon improvements and functionality.

Most of the new features are geared primarily for post-production users:

– Smoother H.264 video playback

– Support 4K/UHD video and higher frame rates

– 130 CoreAudio channels for the Dolby Audio Bridge

– Dolby Atmos Delay compensation issues fixed

– HDX compatible with the Dolby Audio Bridge

– Bounce interleaved stems into a single WAV file

– Pro Tools joins the Netflix Post Technology Alliance