New Waves plug-ins

Waves_news_1.09Waves recently released bunch of interesting new plug-ins. MV2 features the intelligent level control technology of Maxx Volume in an easy to use interface and MV360 does the same for 5.1 material.

The Waves Dorrough Meter Collection brings you precision models of the standard in loudness meters in the US. The Dorrough Meter Collection lets you see both average and peak levels in a single readout directly on the screen.

UM225 and 226 stereo-to-surround processors spread a stereo signal to a 5.1 soundscape when the original multitrack sessions are not available.

Waves Center solves many age-old problems of audio production like how to remove vocals from a mixed material, control the center/sides balance, control the ambience of stereo recordings etc.

Waves plug-ins