New Venue SC48 Live Console

VenueSC48_5.09When attending the Venue SC48 world premiere in Munich last weekend, it was clear for us in few minutes that this is the all-in-one Venue that the rest of us have been waiting for. Affordable price, easy connectivity, compact size and the advantages of a big Venue system like plug-ins, comprehensive automation, reliability and ease of use make the Venue SC48 a perfect replacement for an analog desk in a busy club or theatre.

Pro Tools LE connectivity over FireWire is built in and Pro Tools LE software is also provided for free. So just hook up your laptop and a decent harddisk and you can offer multitrack recording for your clients without any additional gear, splits or cabling. The Pro Tools LE also lets you do virtual soundchecks which is a huge timesaver.

Venue SC48 comes standard with 48 mic inputs and 16 analog outputs and can be expanded with additional 16 channel AO16 Analog output card, AT16 A-Net output card or XO16 Digital output card.

But there are loads of more cool features so check the videos below and give us a call when you’re ready for a hands-on test of Venue SC48.

Venue SC 48 videos