New VENUE 2.9 Software Talks Directly With Pro Tools

Venue_2.9_11.10The new VENUE 2.9 features VENUE Link – an intelligent, two way communication between VENUE desks and Pro Tools. 2.9 also adds support to more I/O options for Mix Rack and SC48 systems. With the new HD Native card and VENUE 2.9, adding a tightly integrated 64-track recording capability to your Profile or D-Show system is a no-brainer. Ask us for a complete package deal – it’s way less than you’d might expect.

– Create Pro Tools sessions based on your VENUE show file
– Import VENUE channel names into Pro Tools
– Sync VENUE snapshots and Pro Tools markers
– Increase your output options with Redundant Output Mode
– Adds support for the VENUE IO16 Option Card with SC48
– Adds support for the IOx Option Card with Mix Rack systems

What’s new in VENUE 2.9 Software