New URS Classic Console Strip Pro

URS_Strip_7.07The URS Classic Console Strip Pro is a multi-console in the box for the modern recording engineer, offering a revolutionary new way of combining classic sounds into one unified channel strip. This super flexible concept allows you to create hundreds of custom consoles from the almost never ending combination of input stages, dynamics and EQ choices with near zero latency and full 48 bit Double Precision Processing.

The URS Classic Console Strip Pro includes 30 digitally recreated Input Stages with adjustable Intensity Control to color the signal before adding any EQ or Compression. The compressor section matches the sound and characteristics of Diode Bridge, VCA, Fet, Opto, Tube and Tape compression. The compressor is based on the most prized compressors limiters in recording studio history and features 14 classic console compressor/limiters models and 46 outboard compressor/limiter models. Each fully parametric EQ band can select from any of the five EQ choices including classic Tube, Class A and B designs.

The URS Classic Console Strip Pro also includes the super DSP efficient Classic Console Strip plug-in for tracks that do not require all of the Classic Console Strip Pro’s features.

Take advantage of the extended URS summer special and order yours now with 20% discount.

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