Trinnov NOVA – The New Studio Essential

Trinnov unveiled today their new, more affordable room optimisation system, NOVA. Trinnov’s room optimizer technology is arguably the most efficient supercharger for your mixes. With its softer price tag, NOVA makes this essential technology more accessible to music makers.

NOVA features brand new, fast & fanless(!) ARM-based processing, 192kHz/24bit, 64 bit floating point architecture and plenty of I/O options and even bass management and optimisation expandability to up to 5.1 systems. It comes with Ethernet Dante, ADAT, SPDIF, AES and analog connectivity and a new iOS, Mac OS and Windows application. The nw 3D mic uses phantom power (no batteries anymore) and internal memory to store the mic calibration file for faster and easier room calibration.

Especially in conjunction with Trinnov La Remote, NOVA offers also nifty functionality as a monitor controller.

Trinnov’s patented room optimisation technology is the best on the planet, used from Netflix to big Hollywood studios, to broadcasters like SRF, RTS and RSI, and already at over hundred studios in Switzerland. Considering that NOVA makes the killer sound affordable for even project studios, we expect a long queues and limited availability so order yours now!

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