New Trinnov D-Mon – Monitor and Room Control in One Box

Trinnov_D-Mon_2.15We at SEC have been actively pushing monitor controller manufacturers for some time to bring more flexible alternatives to Avid’s analog-only XMON. Therefore we’re very happy to present Trinnov’s new D-Mon. It can be used as drop-in replacement for XMON but XMON emulation actually covers only a tiny part of D-Mon’s capabilities. Trinnov D-Mon includes digital and analog audio interfacing, full audio routing matrix, user assignable functions (main, alt, cues, talkback, listenback, headphones), up to 18×16 internal mixer, digital and analog Inserts, fully assignable intercom control, LTC, GPIO, and much more.

The most unique feature is however Trinnov’s best-in-the-business 3D acoustic optimization which is included in every D-Mon. A true TimeCode-aware Smart-Meter option is also available for high-end post work.

D-Mon’s Eucon compatibility makes it a perfect match to Avid’s S3, S5 and S6 series of controllers and it even works directly with D-Control and D-Command as XMON replacement. D-Mon can be also used locally with display, keyboard and mouse or remote controlled from the DAW computer and soon from a tablet or smartphone as well.

D-Mon will be available in March in three versions: D-Mon|8, D-Mon|5.1 and D-Mon|4. D-Mon|8 is the flagship with most advanced I/O capabilities, D-Mon|5.1 is perfect for surround post production and D-Mon|4 offers perfect price/performance balance for music production with stereo monitoring.

Contact us for more details and a demo session in your studio.