New Time Shift Plug-in from Digidesign for FREE

Time-Shift_8.06Time Shift, a new time-compression/expansion and pitch-shifting DigiRack plug-in, is now available as a free download.

Time Shift is a DigiRack AudioSuite plug-in that brings high-quality time stretching and pitchshifting to all Digidesign Pro Tools and Avid DNA users. Time Shift offers multichannel, multi-input phase-coherent processing so users can alter multitracked performances while maintaining critical phase relationships between mics and tracks. A wide stretching, compression, and pitch-shifting range delivers everything from mild to extreme results. Equipped with four distinct algorithms, Time Shift enables users to tailor the processing to different types of source material:

– Rhythmic:Perfect for percussive, rhythmic audio files
– Varispeed:Optimal when converting the sample rate of audio files
– Monophonic:Formant-correct for vocals and solo instruments
– Polyphonic:Professional time stretching and pitch shifting for any type of audio material

Digidesign Time Shift Download